Monday, August 01, 2005

Today's Harvest

I've got to get a better digital camera. The little ones are Romas. They are great for canning.


mr_g said...

Those look great! I'll have to post some pix of our grapes when we harvest later this month!

SierraBella said...

Romas are my favorite for marinara sauce.
When do you find time to garden?

Kat said...

I love tomatoes.

Rae Ann said...

mr g, wow, I've never grown grapes but my dad used to grow muscadine grapes. A few times my mom made muscadine wine from them. It was really good.

sierrabella, I only grow tomatoes, and I only have a few plants. That's about all I can do these days.

kat, me too! home grown tomatoes are the best. mmmm mmmm