Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hurry up and wait...


5:08 am ....Woke up.
6:12 am ....Left house to pick up my dad.
6:37 am ....Picked up my dad.
7:01 am ....Arrived at hospital to check in at Day Surgery.
9:04 am ....Dad goes into nuclear medicine for lymph node mapping.
10:19 am ....Dad gets back from testing.
12:30 pm ....His surgery is supposed to start.
2:30 pm ....Getting impatient waiting for surgery.
3:00 pm ....Dad gets a Valium to calm his nerves. (remember he hasn't eaten or drunk anything or had a cigarette all day)
4:00ish pm ....Surgeon comes to apologize about running late but still can't say when he'll get to Dad. Dad is asleep.
4:20ish ....Dad wakes up and is disappointed to have missed getting to talk to (fuss at) surgeon.
5:00ish ....Dad decides that he's leaving if they don't come get him by 6:00. Nurse overhears us complaining and calls doctor.
5:15ish ....More calls back and forth from nurse to surgeon.
6:00ish ....Dad gets up and tells the nurse to give him his clothes and stuff so he can leave. Phone rings. They are on their way to get him.
6:12ish ....They take him to pre-op.
7:58 pm ....Call from OR saying they have just started on him.
9:00ish ....Surgeon comes to tell me that everything went well, gave me pain med prescription for Dad, and said we'd get results on Monday. Another seemingly insincere apology for making up wait.
9:04ish to 10:10ish ...Got get prescription filled before pharmacy closes.
10:15ish ....Got to recovery room and wait for Dad.
11:33 pm ....Finally leave hospital.
12:45 am ....Get home exhausted.

I'd love to meet one surgeon who doesn't have the God Complex.


eatmisery said...

I'm glad things went well for your Dad. You're all in my thoughts.

Kat said...

Surgery six hours late? Wow. I can almost guess which hospital. But I could be wrong, so I won't!

Rae Ann said...

eatmisery, thanks!

kat, yeah, I'll go ahead and say which one. It was Fort Sanders Downtown.

mr_g said...

Glad he's doing well! Damn, that is way too long to wait. My dad is so impatient he wouldn't have made it past noon!

Rae Ann said...

mr g, that's why they gave him the Valium, to knock him out! I'm surprised he did't make a bigger fuss.

Q_B said...

Oh your post is making me have flash backs to my recent visit to the hospital. I was told to have a quick check by a nurse at the fast track window. So I'm thinking cool fast track will be fast and I'll be out of there in no time. Damn doctors had me there all freaking day, and it makes it worst with their like you said insincere apologies. I notice the minute you threaten to leave they suddenly have time to see you, I guess they don't want to lose any money. Blasted doctors.

CapitalistImperialistPig said...

I'd love to meet one surgeon who doesn't have the God Complex.

They have it installed at Med School. It can be removed, but it's a tricky surgery - and surgeons really hate being on the wrong end of a god complex.

Rae Ann said...

QB, I'm sorry to hear that you've been through that crap too.

CIP, You are correct. Totally.