Monday, August 22, 2005

Is that a phallus hanging out your window or are you just glad to see me?

I was reading mr g's post about his cross-country trip, and that made me think that I should share some of my traveling stories. In the Summer of 1999 I took a solo vacation driving out West. I drove on Interstate 40 all the way to New Mexico where I took another road south to Roswell. I'm not some alien loving freak, but I had always wanted to see Roswell just for the pop culture aspects of it. That, and I was a big X-Files fan too. It was a quick tour. I stopped at the International UFO Museum & Research Center and then drove on out to White Sands National Monument, another place I had always wanted to see. I love the desert and White Sands was absolutely beautiful. Oddly enough, soon after I went there it started showing up on all kinds of tv shows. Tom Green did a show there, and someone else (P. Diddy maybe?) did a music video there. I drove to lots of other places too that I might write about someday, but not today.

In general my trip was safe. I didn't have many moments of feeling insecure being a woman traveling alone. But there was one event that really shook me. On my way back home I was driving through an empty part Oklahoma when a big truck kept playing that passing game. I tried to ignore him, but he was persistant. We were the only two vehicles on the road for a long span of time and distance. Finally I thought maybe I should look at him to see if he was trying to tell me that something was wrong with my car. Well, as he slowed down for the umpteenth time I went to pass him and looked up at his window. I didn't look very long because all I could see was what looked like a huge dildo stuck out the window. I mean if it wasn't a dildo then this guy would rank up there with John Holmes. It was huge! And it scared me to death. (As I've previously suggested I'm very susceptible to phallic suggestion but not when it's used as a threat!) I stomped the gas and sped up to about 90 or so. I thought if a state trooper was around and pulled me over I'd just tell him I was trying to get away from that giant dildo trucker. Give me a ticket if you want, even cart me off to jail, but just make sure that maniac leaves me alone! But there weren't any cops around, and eventually I saw in the rearview distance that the truck pulled off an exit. I was so relieved! I know most truckers don't engage in such games, but when one does it really makes you feel leery of them.

Well, that wasn't quite as interesting as mr g's story, but I've wanted to tell it for a while just because it does seem kind of funny now.


Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Being on many road trips myself, I know that feeling. I have had both good and bad experiences with truckers.

A few perv's encounters and a few that I stopped and had breakfast with...then another time one alarmed me to my lights out and he helped me at the next exit. So I always tried to listen to inside on what I should do next.

With reading this, I had already been over to Mr.G's and left about a story crossing country in a VW VAN...what a wild trip...hopefully one day I can get my damn fonts right on my template (that I despise)to compose a long post without it looking that way and tell the story.

Take care! AND thanks so much for all your sweet and thoughtful messages you have left me lately. Hoping your Dad is doing better and is comfortable.

mr_g said...

Makes me think of that old Dennis Weaver film "Duel" about a guy being chased by this faceless truck driver after he cut him off or something like that. Old but pretty good thriller...even for a Dennis Weaver movie...if you can get past wanting him to be McLeod!

SierraBella said...

I was born near White Sands, in the Air Force Base Hospital!

That dildo guy sounds scary- it reminds me of the movie mr_g mentioned too!

DHammett said...

Again, Rae Ann, great title!! Sure caught my attention. LMAO And just how do you know about John Holmes? *Knowing Grin* I guess there's a lot to learn on all sides.

Rae Ann said...

suzie, you would have been such much fun to hang out with back in the day!

mr g, I remember that movie. And I remember one where a bulldozer was possessed by the devil or something. At least I think I remember that. Maybe it was just a nightmare.

sierrabella, that's so cool! If I'm ever rich enough I'd like to have a second home or something out West.

dammit hammett, I'm glad you liked that long title. But its being long seemed appropriate. lol Doesn't everyone know about John Holmes? *wicked giggle* I was hoping to shock you a little. lol

Rae Ann said...

suzie, 'so' much fun. head is still spinning a little

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Back in the day - we probably would have gotten arrested! (lol) But it sure would have been fun!

They weren't as strict back then or smart enough to catch you...sure got by w/a ton of stuff.

So many people that I read their blogs bring back memories that somehow get buried or stored, but all at once come flowing back is amazing...the things that I have done in my lifetime...and believe me some things I am not too proud of either. (smiling) In is a wonder, that I survived and still living!

You take care.....hope you feel better soon! (smiling)Try not to watch the SPINNING!! (smiling)