Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday Madness

Where is everybody? As busy as I am? Okay so this is what I've done today so far:

-looked up and emailed info requested by accountant on Friday
-spent 34 minutes on phone with Corel about receiving wrong order (This is EXACTLY why I hate the telephone!)
-got 941 payroll tax deposit ready to take to bank
-caught up data entry into Quickbooks
-filed some piled-up papers
-left message for David about another question the accountant had, still waiting for reply...

Still have to

-eat! have only had coffee so far today and stomach is not happy
-go to bank
-get birthday cake for the Youngest who's real birthday was the 6th, but the kids were gone to FLorida then with their grandparents so we're having his cake tonight.
-get yet more school supplies and some office stuff at Walmart

Blah, blah, blah...

Don't forget to answer Round One Interview Questions and send in your Requests and Dedications for the Lyrics blog.

Have a great day! (if it's possible to have a great Monday)


madman said...

Cake sounds good---good luck with the interviews!

midwest_hick said...

I hate phones myself....have a great week!

eatmisery said...

Monday is, believe it or not, my favorite day of the week.

Rae Ann said...

madman, the cake was good. Little man thinks it's been his birthday all month long!

midwest hick, thanks! you too! sorry I haven't been around lately but I'll come by soon.

eatmisery, that's cool! Is there a particular reason why?

mr_g said...

Hope you got through it!

Kat said...

Ok, I know I went through my regular blogs yesterday, but somehow I missed your monday madness post.

Guess that tells you how my Monday was! lol

Tuesday is looking pretty good so far though.

Rae Ann said...

Today has been even busier!