Wednesday, August 10, 2005

(Not Quite) Blinded by the Light

Don't you just hate when you've missed your moment?

It seems my

has become

so this isn't the great post I had hoped it would be. I shouldn't have left it so long, and we all know that bulbs always burn out at the most inconvenient time. And some of the stuff that was lit up wasn't worthy of writing about after all. So briefly, here are some of the salvaged fragments of the broken tungsten filament. (for a great explanation of how light bulbs work click here)

Sexy Baptist Singles: I think it's my Tennessee Bible Belt upbringing that causes me to cringe a little when I read that. When I was a kid the Baptists were the last of the denominations that would embrace the word 'sexy' or anything that involved sex in any way. The words 'Baptist' and 'sexy' just don't seem to belong in the same phrase because the Baptists have been the primary advocates for the Abstinence Movement even before it was a Movement. When I was a kid even married sex was somehow dirty to the Baptists. Why is it okay to advertise Sexy Baptist Singles when it's not okay to go to Disney World? I'm sure that dating site isn't affiliated with the 'official' Baptist Church, but still, it seems so contradictory to me. Why not advertise 'Attractive Baptist Singles' instead? Oh, yeah, sex sells! Even for the Baptists!

disclaimer: I'm married to a sexy Baptist. I mean no offense to Baptists whether or not they are single or sexy or both.

I watched the movie Constantine last week. I wasn't familiar with the comic that it was based on so I had no preconceived notions of what it should be like. I've read that fans of the comic (Hellblazer) were disappointed by the movie. Well, that usually happens with movies based on novels or comics. I try to enjoy movies for what they are, their own telling of a story, regardless of where the story originated. I like religiously themed movies like this even if they aren't theologically correct. Hey, it's entertainment. My primary requirement for a good movie is that I can suspend my disbelief which means basically that the characters matter to me and that I don't focus on the unreality of the story but do develop empathy and involvement. (for a better explanation of suspension of disbelief click here) I have a problem with some sci-fi movies that very blatantly violate basic facts, like some Sci-Fi channel movie that was on the other day about killer spiders. When some men in business suits investigated a space craft crash without any protective gear they lost me right there. Makes me wonder how some of these movies get made in the first place.

Anyway, I liked the imagery and set design of Constantine. The look and atmosphere of a movie are usually more important to me than the dialog or other elements. I'm a very visual person so if it doesn't look interesting then what the point in watching? It's a visual medium after all. And Keanu Reeves is nice to look at too. A lot of people don't like him and say all of his characters are the same. I happen to like his characterization and style. Take a look at a bunch of Robert Redford movies and you'll see that all of his characters are pretty much the same too. (I'm not dissing Redford. I had a crush on him for years until he turned into a piece of roughly tanned leather.)

Okay, back to Constantine, although its ending was predictable I still enjoyed the ride. It was fun and entertaining. I enjoyed the theme of Good vs. Evil as it was presented in an old-fashioned sense but with a modern tone. If you like religiously themed movies in the vein of The Omen, The Seventh Sign, Stigmata, End of Days, etc. then you'll probably enjoy this one. I'd give it 3 stars out of 5.

(That was a sorry-ass movie review, but if you want a real review there are plenty to be found.)

Now on to the more nebulous subjects of God, Good and Evil, and Light and Mirrors. I had promised some such garbage about God as a Disco Ball and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. But now I'm not sure that I know exactly what I was getting at there. Maybe I should light one up and see if it helps illuminate the shadowy convolutions of my brain. In the meantime I'll just post this much and hope that I see the Light again.


mr_g said...

Irregardless, you should light one up!!!!!!

I've always had a hard time with the suspension of disbelief...not so much in Sci Fi...there I kind of expect it. But rather in sit coms and dramas. Example: Laverne and Shirley & 3's Company. EVen as a kid, I couldn't believe anybody could be as stupid as the characters in those shows; therefore, I didn't buy into the "crazy" scenarios they stuggled to get out of.

Rae Ann said...

I was going to but then I remembered that it's meet the teacher night, and I didn't want to be coming down and having to be social like that. Oh, well, maybe later...

Me too about the sitcoms! I've never enjoyed them or watched them regularly. That's why when people make references to like Cheers or Family Ties or something I usually don't get it. I'm kind of picky about some sci-fi. If they're trying to be realistic but get way off on the facts I just can't deal. But if it's ALL wild and made up then I can get into it. I can sit through a normally bad movie if it has great set design and all that.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Hey RaeAnn, starting from the top! I of course was raised in the Bible Belt. Mom- So.Baptist & Dad-Catholic, a weird combo huh? Even though back then my dad never went much, but Mom took us. I have never believed in their ridicous strict ways or even the other radical religions-worse. Note: Parents now have changed roles! (lol) So I guess I am now a cross between Catholic, the lighterside of Baptist, loving the Jewish faith and a mixture of this and that. (Hienz 57 mutt here) So that is why I am persistant on claiming I am Spiritual instead of religious. I do go to FLL occasionally to a huge NON-Demonational church but daily I get a dose at home via satellite and tithe thru bank draft monthly. Okay enough of that, beginning to felt quilty of not more involvement(boring for me to keep babbling)on this subjec! But BTW - I was sexy then and still am (LOL)if they liked it or not.

Movies - Suspense, Drama, Romantic, Comedy and something that I try to predict the ending when on the difficult hard mystery. (usually I do btw) My daughter loves the Sci-Fi Channel, 1 Tv here it is usually on constantly. I agree about movies that are mostly incorrect on theology, in my case it is disturbing..I wonder about ones believing everything they see and hear-is my reason.

I think you should LIGHT UP and climb back on the HORSE! You are very creative, but I do understand U have had quite a bit on your platter these days.

Take care friend, appreciate the update on your Dad...well wishes here...U know how I feel. Hang in there...and smoke one for me too. (smiling) I finally put something up late afternoon...and a few prior things if you wish to check them out....this past week. Short ones! (smiling) Your friend..

Kat said...

I am totally in agreement with the sitcom. I hate it when they act SO DUMB!

I saw Constintine the other night! Loved it! Love Keanu! Am I the only one that thought his voice seemed different? And I don't just mean that he didn't say "DUDE" enough. His whole accent seemed different. Not that I'm complaining, just observing. LOL

I didn't even know it was based on a comic book. I learned something new today! Yay me!

BipolarPrincess said...

I'm a member of a Southern Baptist Church and I'm sure they would frown upon my blog and anything in it!

Rae Ann said...

suzie, thanks for all your support and kind words! Same to you!

kat, yeah, I didn't either until a friend told me. You're right about his voice. Maybe he's trying to be different now. Still love him though!

princess, what they don't know... lol can't hurt them!