Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday Poetry Slam

The Ebb and Flow

Lavalamps and Jellyfish
Undulate and Pulsate
Breasts and Balls
Mushrooms and Penises
Slow Motion Semen
Eggs and Sperm
Cellular Division
Blood Cells and Plasma
Glass and Bubbles

Temperance (Haiku and Tanka)

Sweet romantic love (5)
Slow profound higher union (7)
So intense I weep (5)

Hard fast piercing lust (5)
Penetrating to the core (7)
Chemistry rules me (5)
Attune and anneal and try (7)
Almost as hot as required (7)

I'm sure some of you can appreciate how hard it can be to compose anything, let alone crappy poetry, when there's a whiny 5 year old climbing all over you and crying in your ears and trying to pull you out of your seat.

1 comment:

BipolarPrincess said...

I cannot do Haiku, I'm not asmart nuff. I can appreciate your poetry!