Thursday, August 04, 2005

Blinded by the Light (teaser)

I so want to do this great post about religion and tolerance and all these things that are clogging up my mind today. I'm going to tie in Chris's story and a review of the movie Constantine and "Sexy Baptist Singles" and God as a Disco Ball and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and a few other weird Hoe tidbits. But I'm just not up to it today. Sorry.

But to get you primed and in the mood go visit my lyrics blog to read the lyrics to Blinded by the Light written by Bruce Springsteen.

I hope I haven't set the bar too high. I wrote about half of it yesterday while I was stuck in the Purgatory of a hospital waiting room, but it needs revisions and additions. More soon!


SierraBella said...

I'm old enough to remember that being sung by Manfred Mann's Earth Band a long time ago.

*Maybe I should go sit in my rocker and take up knitting.

mr_g said...

Manfred Mann was notorious for covering Springsteen songs (Blinded by the Light, I came For You and there were a couple more). They often did covers that were better than the Blinded by the Light....though the original has more lyrics...

OK...the rock trivia savant is done!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

You have your SEXY SINGLE HERE! (lol)

Thank you RaeAnn for the time we spent on emails. Now I will go read your lyrics. (smiling) Sending smiles your way! It is nice to feel you know someone better. Appreciate all our exchanges. Have an Awesome DAY!!!

Rae Ann said...

sierrabella, I remember that too! You're not *that* old.

mr g, I chose the Springsteen lyrics because they were the 'original.' But the Manford Mann version is so much better!

suzie, thanks, same to you!

madman said...

"Cut loose like a deuce"
OH--that's what he sings!
I look forward to your post.
We will be thinking of you until Monday.

gina said...

Hope all is well with your dad.

Rae Ann said...

madman, I've also read that it's 'revved up like a deuce' for the Manfred Mann version. My dad is pretty sore but okay.

gina, thanks, he's pretty tough!