Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Requests and Dedications...

I meant to post this before, but I forgot. The Lyrics of the Moment blog is open for requests and dedications. If you want a song posted just leave a comment here or there, and I'll post them, as long as I can find them. Thanks!


DHammett said...

Hi Rae Ann -

Here's one that will get you thinking: the tune is "The Way" by a band called Fastball.

SierraBella said...

An oldie?
"Every Kind Of People" by Robert Palmer (and others.)
Dedicated to everyone in BlogWorld!

Rae Ann said...

dammit hammett, is 'dhammett' really your name? I posted The Way. I saw a show on VH1 a while back about the story behind that song. If I'm remembering right it was about an old couple who just disappeared. Maybe they were from Kansas? Or Oklahoma?

sierrabella, you got it! Great choice!