Thursday, August 18, 2005

Round Two

Here are the round two interview questions for the Assistant position:

1. What is one of your favorite movies and why?

2. What is one of your least favorite movies and why?

3. Answer those same questions about TV shows.


DHammett said...

1. Pulp Fiction. I love the interplay between Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, especially about foot massages and about Big Macs in France. Plus, the movie set-up of the movie really makes me think. It's almost 2 separate movies in one, what with the Bruce Willis thread, but it all comes together and ends at the beginning.

2. The three latest Star Wars movies. Maybe I was (well, I know I was) much younger and more naive when the original three came out but, schmaltzy as the first and third ones were at the end, there was an imaginative spirit about them that is missing from the last three techno-flops.

3a. Seinfeld, without a doubt, is my favorite TV show. I love the humor and the fact that, as conniving and selfish as all four of the main characters are, they never come out on top. The ending of the final episode was perfect.

3b. Can I say the network news and shows like 60 minutes? I have had some experience dealing directly with the media and, with rare exception, it has been unpleasant. I don't like that their agendas come through in their "objective" reporting. Nuff said.

DHammett said...

Btw, I looked in my crystal ball and knew these questions were coming. ;-)

Rae Ann said...

dammit hammet, I like you. You make me laugh, and think. More about your answers soon...

Rae Ann said...

About Pulp Fiction, I first saw it a few months ago. Sometimes I refuse to see something that has too much 'cultural buzz' because I'm kind of a rebel against the usual stuff. But I was sorry that I took too long to see Pulp Fiction because it truly was good. I especially liked the Bruce Willis story-line. It was a wonderfully complex story and the visuals were great too.

I liked all of the new Star Wars movies, but I did think that Lucus focused way too much on the technical wizardry to the detriment of the story. I guess it's hard to go back and try to tie up all the loose ends.

Yeah, Seinfeld was good, but like Pulp Fiction I sort of rebelled when it was so popular. I didn't see the last episode. Maybe I should rent the dvds. But yeah, it was a great show, what I've seen of it.

And I totally agree about the news. What ever happened to reporting the news instead of all this editorializing that's going on now?