Wednesday, August 24, 2005

$#@&%#!!! Sploggers:

Blog spam makes me want to cuss up a storm. I'll try not to, but I do feel more freedom to use expletives online than in my general speech. I have to censor myself around the kids instead of saying everything I think. Here, I can let my words flow. That got me thinking about which 'bad' words I use (verbally and written) and why. By far my most common one is 'shit.' I know I say it way too much, probably several times every day. Drop something, "shit." Forget something, "shit." Hurt myself somehow, "shit." It just comes out automatically before I can stop myself. (Bad oral sphincter, you could say.) And 'shit' can be so expressive and imply different thoughts depending on the situation. A moderately loud 'Shit' was the first thing I said as I saw the redlight-running car crash into the left front of my month-old (to me, it's a 1998) Corvette. It was said in that tone of "OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! I JUST CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE WITHOUT IT GETTING MESSED UP!" Yep, that one word really can mean all of that. If I haven't said 'shit' about something in a day, then that's one exceptionally great day.

Online I feel much freer to use the word 'fuck' than I do when speaking. Actually, it's pretty rare for me to say that out loud. It just doesn't roll off my tongue so naturally. It's good for serious emphasis in an adult conversation, but I won't say it in front of my kids. And I appreciate when other people don't use it around kids. It's an adult word. And it loses its 'punch' when it's overused. To me it usually implies disdain. (I'm talking about everyday speech, not talking dirty in certain situations.)

And then there's that 'c' word. I really hate it and only use it in the most extreme cases, like about truly disgusting people. That word has the onomatopoeia of a rapist. It's too much like the hateful grunt of a rapist as he's slamming himself into someone, not because he loves them and wants to physically, emotionally, and spiritually bond with them, but because he hates them. The physical impacts of the sex act are not different from him ramming his first into their face or kicking them in the guts. Sorry that's so graphic, but that's what the word means to me when I hear it. (No, I've never been raped, and apologies to anyone who has if I've struck a bad nerve.)

So, anyway, this post was supposed to be about those fucking spam bloggers. I've noticed that there is a new option for a word verification for posting comments. I've turned it on now to see if it will help cut down the blog spam.


Chris said...

Yeah! Preach on, blog sister! Fuck the blog spammers! Fuck them in their stupid asses!

Um, I mean, I really don't like them.

And stuff.

mr_g said...

Spammers Suck Spammers Suck Spammers Suck...sorry...had to! Or should I have said, "Love your blog. I'm adding it to my bookmarks. Hey, if you're intersted in making money by sellling drano-filled douches to third world countries, check out my blog at"

I've seen worse!

Kat said...

Really, what is up with the spammers lately? I got rid of anonymous and still they figured a way in. I did like you and set up word verification.

It's a sad thing that we have to do this on our personal spaces. I think they are worse than telemarketers.

eatmisery said...

I'm using the word verification tool, as well. I'm so sick of the SPAM comments.

DHammett said...

I f****d up the first word verification. Glad I got a second chance. I felt like I was getting a color-blindness test. Honestly, it's getting so hard to respond to posts, I don't know if I can keep it up. *Hears collective sigh of relief*

Rae Ann said...

I could have sworn I already replied to the first few comments. But here it is again:

chris, you gotta let loose now, okay? lol

mr g, you're funny!

kat, I've even gotten text spam on my phone. I didn't even know I could get text messages on my phone until the.

eatmisery, I guess it's the one of the aggravations of free enterprise.

dh, *gasp* you used the f word, sort of. lol Don't you DARE stop commenting!

DHammett said...

Wouldn't dream of it. I should have said I was ignoring the collective sighs of relief. Besides, where else could I go to get those optical illusion-like eyesight quizzes at the click of a mouse? I might post empty posts just to see new ones. Did you know they change each time? How cool!

DHammett said...

BTW...the last verification was f*****g. I just thought you'd like to know.

Rae Ann said...

dammit hammett, you get all the good ones! lol

Cass said...

That is a perfect way of describing the c word. I never thought of onomatopoeia, but yeah. You're right on there.

I found your site through madman!

Rae Ann said...

cass, welcome! I'm glad someone agrees with that. I was worried that I was the only one.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Ref: To post language - I understand! Since blogging-myself I've notice my usuage of words have escalated more to using Sh-t and F**K more than usual. (no children around though)

Same feeling on C**T -never have liked that word ever. G.D.-that I despise when I hear someone say that. My skin crawls.

So far I have been lucky on the Spam but the last few days what little I have been out, noticed ones having this Word Verification Tool - How do you get it??? What does it do exactly? Perhaps I should consider that as preventive maintenance.

Take care-Tks tons for visiting me, sorry haven't been around much lately. Hope your Dad is doing better.