Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Things I like...

1. Those cute, tiny miniature perfume bottles. I have a large collection of them.

2. Velvet anything. Anything.

3. Tools and gadgets.

4. Glitter and sparkle. It can make anything pretty.

5. Powder. There's just something about that silky texture, and it has to smell nice too.

6. Candles. We'll never be in the dark if the power goes out.

7. Driving. I do my best thinking when I'm driving.

8. Chocolate. Needs no explanation.

9. Beanie Babies. I only have a few, but they are just so gosh-darn cute.

10. Old pictures. Doesn't matter if I know the people or not.

11. Lamps. I've posted about this before. I'm like a moth, drawn to sources of light.

12. Pens. All kinds. But especially now I'm loving glitter and metallic gel pens.

13. Books. Mostly reference books. I like to be able to look up stuff.

14. Bath and shower gels. I like to be clean and smell good.

15. Small boxes. Cute, pretty, exotic, plain, whatever. I like them all.

16. Flowers. What an amazing and beautiful way to reproduce.

17. Blankets. I carried a security blanket until I was 4. To this day I still buy any blanket or throw that is soft and comforting.


Kat said...

Number 17 made me laugh, I still love soft comfy blankets too. My youngest has inherited it from me, she will take her "bankie" and snuggle it up under her chin and hold it like a stuffed toy!

eatmisery said...

I love boxes, too, ornate ones, especially.

Condoleesa said...

I like all of that plus....

Old pyrex mixing bowls that nest

Old dolls like Penny Brite

Bone China Knick Knacks

Pedicures! Especially when they scrap your feet with the razor thingy.

Kristi said...

Not only will you be able to see in a power outage, but your house will smell really nice!

I love old photographs too. My favorite is one of a girl sitting on a log with a dog and a cow in the background.

I'm going to try to catch up on your blog...looks like you have been busy!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I loved your list, you and share many of the same interest. The perfume bottles, I still have some with the squeeze ball! (smiling) Since my grandmother would make quilts, I treasure hers but also have too many..esp. for living now in So. FL. ridiculous for me to do that - hold on.

Hat boxes are my thing, and tin cans and little wooden boxes - love them. I started collecting old TRUNKS too...takes up quite a bit of place though.

Any thing that is Victorian for that matter, I'm a sucker!! Also my Emily Post collection too. WOW, I could keep naming all this stuff I need to start going through and giving away as gifts.

Nice Post, RaeAnn...your friend here.
P.S. Thank you for writing your Governor!! Big TIME!!

DHammett said...


Rae Ann said...

kat, that's cute! I recently bought a really soft throw at Walmart that I like to hug while I'm sleeping. Some things never change. At least I don't still suck my fingers. lol

em, oh, yeah, I forgot to list ornate ones!

kristi, my husband thinks I'm going to burn the house down with my candles. I hope he's wrong. lol

suzie, I like hat boxes too. And Victorian stuff. I could make that list a lot longer. lol

dh, you know what they say about chocolate don't you?

SierraBella said...

# 16- Flowers!
I was just telling the husband that if I were extremely wealthy I'd have vases and baskets of fresh-cut flowers all around the house.
Of course I'd need a larger house to display all those flowers in!

madman said...

It is strange that I don't collect things---but my wife collects (or likes) 75% of the things you listed. I don't get the closet full of beanie babes.

Chris said...

Hmm. That's quite a list. You have some cool tastes. And now we all know what to get you for your birthday. ;)

Rae Ann said...

sierrabella, me too! I would so love to have fresh flowers all over the place all the time.

madman, I only have a few of those. But I know people with closets full. I forgot to list that I have huge Barbie collection that I'm slowly giving to my daughter and one of her friends.

chris, LOL, I didn't intend for it be a 'wish list' but I guess it is one. Nobody needs to get me anything though.

laanba said...

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