Friday, October 28, 2005


Here are some of my deep, dark secrets:

1. Karl Rove gives me the creeps.

2. I'm beginning to seriously think that we are the End Times, for real.

3. I never liked Ronald Reagan or George Bush Sr.

4. I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 despite knowing in my gut that he was an immoral liar.

5. I think Hillary Clinton looks like my mom and that's why I have a hard time hating her.

6. I think that modern Christianity has got more wrong than right. (Please be gentle, this is a serious concern for me.)

7. I'm very wasteful with water but not electricity.

8. I don't recycle paper and plastic anymore because it's 'too much trouble.'

9. I would love to be able to shoot bad drivers.

10. This list could be a lot longer, but some secrets just aren't ready to be shared.


Kristi said...

You and my husband both on #9. He swears we need to mount a turret on our Cavalier.

Ok. So my husband agrees with almost every secret you have. So do I. Especially #1. Eww. Could he be creepier?

Rae Ann said...

kristi, I'm glad it's not just me about Rove. I get sort of the same feeling in my gut about him as I did about Clinton. Very disturbing.

midwest_hick said...

I feel the same way with 90% of this......have a super weekend!

mr_g said...

I just saw your #1 AFTER my comment on your next post...interesting. I try not to bewasteful with electricity, but my last two0-month bill for Water/Power/Sewer/Sanitation was about $700! No matter how hard we try, we can't seem to lower it. And I'm not going to swelter in 100 degree summer heat!

Rae Ann said...

midwest hick, I thought I already replied here, but I was so busy yesterday that I must have gotten mixed up. Hope you had a great Halloween!

mr g, that's terrible! I don't blame you though. I mean, why be miserable if you don't have to be? Our water bill runs about $40 a month in the summer, but it would be a lot higher if we lived in the city (we have septic out here so we don't have to pay sewer). And if we had a pool, which we will someday. For a roughly 3000 sq ft house our electric bill averages about $200 a month. I'm always running through and turning off lights and tvs that have been left on.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Your confessions are so close to mine.... 8 out 10!! WOW!

Power and Water are opposite though...we keep this place like a meat market (COLD)year round...w/ A/C, tv's, fans, a few lights on all the time.

Rae Ann said...

suzie, if I lived in FLA I'd do that too!