Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday MeMe

Borrowed from rainypete.

Things I have done in my lifetime, as of today:

Smoked a joint - yes

Been in a wet t-shirt contest - no

Stolen a car - no

Had a threesome - no

Been dumped - who hasn't been?

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back - many times; unrequited love makes the world go 'round

Made out with a stranger - Not a complete stranger.

Gone on a blind date - yeah, and it sucked

Had a crush on a teacher - not a school teacher

Skipped school - once in high school and a few classes in college

Seen someone die - yeah, and everyone should

Been to Mexico - no, but I'd like to

Thrown up in a bar - no

Eaten Sushi - love it, well, some of it.

Been snowboarding - no, and skiing only once

Been moshing at a concert - no

Made a snow angel - yeah

Had a tea party - no, but I've had a drunken booze party before (not recently)

Flown a kite - sort of

Jumped into a pile of leaves - yeah, and it made me itch

Gone sledding - no, we don't get that much snow

Cheated while playing a game - in first grade

Fallen asleep at work/school - not at work, but once in class

Used a fake ID - nope

Watched the sunset - all the time

Touched a snake - yeah, I like snakes

Slept beneath the stars - no, I'm not a camper

Been tickled - yeah

Been robbed - yeah, a few minor things over the years

Been misunderstood - too often!

Pet a reindeer/goat - we had a goat for a while but it ran away

Won a contest - I won a $100 worth of free groceries right after we got married. We definitely needed it.

Run a red light - only a couple

Been suspended from school - no, I was a goody-goody

Been in a car accident - yeah, a few

Had braces - No

Felt like an outcast - always

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night - a pint isn't that much

Had deja vu - frequently and it always freaks me out

Danced in the moonlight - yeah, but not with the Devil

Hated the way you look - yeah, that's been a struggle all my life

Witnessed a crime - only traffic crimes, oh, and sometimes substance use

Pole danced - no, but it looks like fun

Been obsessed with post-it notes - no, I'm obsessed with metallic and sparkle gel pens

Walked barefoot through the mud - when I was a kid

Been lost - not seriously. I have a pretty good sense of direction.

Swam in the ocean - yes, I love that but only where it's shallow

Felt like dying - more than I can count

Cried yourself to sleep - more than I can count

Played cops and robbers - no, I was more a cowboys-and-Indians type. and I was always an Indian princess. lol But handcuffs can be fun.

Recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers - Actually I do this almost every day because I'm an 'artist' and it's very therapeutic too.

Sung karaoke - no, I don't want to be shot.

Paid for a meal with only coins - not a whole meal, but I did buy some rolling papers once with a bunch of pennies.

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't - Many, many times

Made prank phone calls when you were younger - yeah, back in the day before caller id

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose - yeah, a long time ago

Caught a snowflake on your tongue - yeah, anytime it snows

Danced naked in the rain - not in the rain

Written a letter to Santa Claus - I can't remember.

Been kissed under the mistletoe - yeah, a long time ago

Blown bubbles - of course!

Had a bonfire on the beach - no, not on the beach, but it sounds nice

Gone rollerblading - no, I'm an ice skating kind of girl

Screamed the word penis in public - yeah, actually it was 'flacid penis'

Ate dog/cat food - yeah, dog food when I was a kid on a dare. it tasted just like potted meat with cornmeal mixed in

Told a complete stranger you loved them - not a complete stranger

Kissed a mirror - no, why would I?

Sang in the shower - sometimes

Had a dream that you married someone - yeah, several and some were nightmares

Glued your hand to something - no

Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole - no, not a flag pole and not stuck

Kissed a fish - no, but I've kissed guys who felt like a fish, yuck

Worn the opposite sex's clothes - I wore men's jeans before 'low rise' jeans became a style.

Been a cheerleader - no, I'm not that perky

Sat on a roof top - no

Screamed at the top of your lungs - a few times at my kids

Stayed up all night - too many to count

Picked and ate an apple right off the tree - no, the Wizard of Oz scared me from doing that

Climbed a tree - a long time ago

Believed in ghosts - I still do.

Gone streaking - yeah in college

Been skinny dipping - Yeah, but it's been a long time

Been pushed into a pool/lake with all your clothes on - no

Been told you're beautiful by a complete stranger - yeah, it made my day

Broken a bone - fell and cracked my right humerus in 1999

Been easily amused - usually

Caught a fish then ate it - yeah, I'm good at fishing

Caught a butterfly - yeah, but it's bad for butterflies for us to handle them

Laughed so hard you cried - yeah

Cried so hard you laughed - no

Mooned/flashed someone - I was a flasher in college.

Had someone moon/flash you - my kids do that all the time

Cheated on a test - I used to give other people answers so I was an enabler I guess

Forgotten someone's name - all the time

Slept naked - I have but I don't like to. I feel too vulnerable that way.

French braided someone's hair - Mine and others

Grown a beard - not yet, but who knows what surprises aging has in store for me?


Rainypete said...

We want pictures of the beard!!!

Mark W. said...

Grown a beard - not yet, but who knows what surprises aging has in store for me?

Good one. Nice post.

Rae Ann said...

rainypete, if I ever do grow one it will probably look like this:

mark w., thanks! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I sure hope I don't end up with a beard, but then again, if I did I could go join the circus as the 'bearded lady'. lol

midwest_hick said...

lol.....some interesting questions...and answers as well....

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Great answers Rae Ann for a long questionaire.....loved it!

You and I would have many of the same responses! (smiling)

Rae Ann said...

midwest hick, thanks!

suzie, my answers weren't as funny as rainypete's.