Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Multiple Choice Quiz

What would you do?

1. Your spouse is enamored with a display of chrome plated gears from a transmission, your response is:
A. "You are so weird."
B. "That's so cool that you appreciate that."
C. "It's just a transmission."
D. you don't say anything

2. Your spouse takes great care of and pride in something special you bought him/her so you:
A. Feel good that you've made him/her very happy.
B. Tell him/her that they love it more than you.
C. Threaten to take it away because he/she is too happy with it.
D. Don't notice one way or the other.

3. Your spouse has a recurring medical problem that might be related to your habits so you:
A. Try to do things different to help alleviate the problem.
B. Complain that spouse is too 'fragile.'
C. Blame it on someone else and imply spouse's wrong-doing.
D. Do nothing and don't care.

4. Your spouse brings home take out food that is the exact same thing that you had for lunch, so you:
A. Eat without complaint.
B. Grumble about being tired of whatever kind of food it is.
C. Refuse to eat it.
D. Make yourself something else to eat.

5. Your spouse made a big mistake in the past but has bent over backwards to make amends for it, so you:
A. Forgive and Forget.
B. Forgive but remember.
C. Pretend to forgive but make constant 'jokes' about it intended to make spouse continue to feel bad.
D. Tit for Tat.

6. Your spouse would like to improve his/her life by making some big changes in lifestyle, so you:
A. Offer encouragement, support, and praise.
B. Wonder why spouse wants to make changes.
C. Sabotage changes because you are afraid of spouse becoming empowered.
D. Do nothing.

7. Your spouse likes a neat, clean house so you:
A. Pick up after yourself.
B. Hire a house cleaner.
C. Leave all your dirty clothes and dishes where-ever and let spouse pick them up if they care so much about the house being clean.
D. Call spouse 'too picky' and criticize in other ways.

8. Your spouse is prone to letting clutter pile up so you:
A. Leave it be. It's not hurting anyone.
B. Bitch and moan about it while leaving your own piles of clutter everywhere.
C. Offer to help them get more organized.
D. Throw all of spouse's stuff in the garbage when they're not there.

9. Your spouse enjoys an activity that you don't so you:
A. Pretend to let spouse enjoy it but put it down every chance you get.
B. Try to learn to enjoy it.
C. Call spouse selfish for spending too much time doing it.
D. Find your own activity to enjoy.

10. Your spouse wants to go on a solo vacation so you:
A. Help spouse make plans and arrangements.
B. Accuse spouse of looking for 'strange meat.'
C. Refuse to allow it, period.
D. Buy spouse one-way ticket.

This is just for fun. Leave your answers and I'll 'score' them later.


DHammett said...

1. D 2. A 3. A 4. A, but better would be E, mention my lunch, then eat it for dinner 5. A, forgetting comes much easier with age 6. A & B 7. A 8. E, bitch & moan, but lead by example 9. B 10. E, agree she could go, then whine about how hard it was while she was gone.

I'm not anxious to see my grade.

Rae Ann said...

dh, you scored 35.5. The half points are from the A & B answer to #6 and the E answers you made up. The highest possible score is 40 and the lowest is 10 (unless someone makes up answers that would have a 0.5 score). I'll explain the score ranges and their significance after more people play (if they do).

Kristi said...

1. A
2. A
3. A
4. A
5. B
6. A
7. B
8. A
9. D
10. A

Chris said...

1. A
2. A
3. A
4. D
5. A
6. A
7. A
8. A
9. D
10.E (allow it with no complaints, but let spouse handle all arrangements)

Rae Ann said...

kristi, you scored 34.

chris, you scored 34.5.

Here are the score ranges and what they mean:

33-40, You're a liar, nobody is that good. Just kidding! Your spouse is happily married, or at least they should be.

25-32, Your spouse is well-loved, but you demand a lot in return.

17-24, You have issues you need to work on to improve your relationship. Your spouse could be happier.

16 and below, If you don't havea divorce attorney you better find one. Your spouse is miserable.