Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Message From a Folgers Plant Manager in New Orleans

(Somehow I got on the Proctor and Gamble mailing list. This is from an email they sent out last week. I didn't know that Folgers was located in New Orleans like JFG.)

Hello. My name is Emory Zimmer, and I'm the plant manager for Folgers in New Orleans, where we proudly roast, grind, and package our coffee.

Along with over 500 of my co-workers at Folgers, we and our families call New Orleans home. With the events of Hurricane Katrina, our lives, like so many others along the Gulf Coast, have been greatly affected. On behalf of my team, I'd like to thank everyone who has offered so much support, time, and energy to those in need.

Due to disruption at our plant and our rebuilding efforts, it will be necessary to temporarily package our product in our classic metal canister, but be assured our product will be delicious as always. The Folgers family is equally dedicated to contributing to the Katrina relief effort by making donations to the American Red Cross.

Thank you again for your loyalty and patience.


Emory Zimmer


mal said...

well....thats good to know....does that mean I should start buying folgers? *L*

Rae Ann said...

mallory, thanks for stopping by. I thought it was interesting that the biggest disruption to their production was the packaging. I remember those coffee cans from my childhood.

DHammett said...

I hate to rain on Mr. Zimmers parade (pun intended), but his company's coffee tastes equally bad no matter how it's packed. Gotta go with freshly roasted & ground beans.

Kristi said...

I'm with dh...I am a coffee snob. I haven't drank Folgers ever.

Rae Ann said...

dh and kristi, I would be a coffee snob if I didn't get free coffee from JFG. But we do get their premium Columbian. And I'm too lazy to do the grinding. Now, if I had someone else to make the coffee...