Thursday, April 13, 2006

Splendid Anomaly

Last night was the opening reception and awards presentation for the Dogwood Arts Festival Art and Photo Show. I got all fixed up, not too dressy, just nice jeans with a beaded design down the sides of the legs and a new springy green satin shirt. I went alone because David stayed home with the two younger kids, and my friend who was going to go took her boys and my oldest to a movie. I was just going to see the show and didn't expect to stay long.

There are about a dozen categories of photos ranging from 'black and white architecture' to 'color animal world.' They hang the first place winners of each category in the first section of walls. In the past they informed winners before the reception, so I assumed that they did the same this year. Then I saw one of my pictures (category, 'Computer Enhanced') with a big blue ribbon on it, I just stopped and said, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" I went back to the lobby and called David to tell him that I got a first place. I was so excited! What a nice surprise!

There's nothing like some validation and recognition to sooth the savage beast. LOL I'm in a much better mood today! And I'm $50 richer too! Each first place wins $50 in addition to the big blue ribbon. So WOW! I can't believe it!

Here is my winning picture:

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