Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Was Wrong

I'm sorry, if you are looking for a picture of daffodils, that link has been disabled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

What a pisser! Wah, wah, wah, boohoohoo. Nobody likes to be wrong, let alone admit publicly that they were wrong. But being who I am, I will swallow my pride and admit to being wrong. (Much like the way that I had to laugh off my hilarious tripping and falling in front of a bunch of people at my son's baseball practice last night. How embarrassing!)

I had to go pick up my rejected picture today. Well, much to my disappointment it wasn't the only one. There were two others. I hate when my bubbles get burst like that, but I did secretly suspect that this would happen. (just another example of why it's not good to be 'psychic') So my percentage did not rise to 80% acceptance and my level of 'presence' in the show did not double. :-(

So does this make me a liar? I don't think so, but Dr. Pig probably will because he is certain that President Bush is a liar because he happened to repeat 'wrong information.' So, Dr. Pig, am I in the same category of malicious liars as Pres. Bush (according to you) just because I believed and repeated wrong information?

Anyway, I guess I should be pleased that I still have two pictures in the show, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I am let down that it is only two instead of four.

Now I need something to cheer me up.

Update 8-22-2006: A new post with a video of Democrats 'lying' can be seen here. And can you believe that the song "Would I Lie To You?" by the Eurythmics just came on the radio. I shit you NOT!


Kat said...
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Rae Ann said...

kat, thanks!! That did help!

CapitalistImperialistPig said...

My condolences but also congratulations (again). But don't expect me to be very nice as long as you keep punching me in the nose - I hate that, and I'm a bleeder.

So far as I know your mistake hasn't done what W's lies have done: Get 2500 Americans killed and 20,000 crippled, not to mention countless Iraqis.

Anonymous said...

sigh. Now I must argue with the obnoxious idiot above me.
1. George Bush didn't lie. If he did, prove it.
2. Those Americans that died were soldiers. There duty and their pride is to die for their country.
3. Who gives a shit about dead Iraqis?