Monday, April 17, 2006

Looking into the mind of a killer

Look Who's Tattling Now: Kevin Ray Underwood

To see into the mind of a killer read that post which is an excellent examination of Underwood's blogosphere presence. It is clear that he was a deeply disturbed person who knew he was disturbed. I know that when you are in the pit of Depression that your ability to think and act can be diminished, but I do not believe that his mental condition should ever be used as an excuse for what he did to that little girl. He did not have to act on his sick thoughts. If he had the 'strength' to plan and carry out this horrific murder then he also had the 'strength' to get the medical treatment that he knew he needed.


After learning on Saturday that Underwood committed his horrific crime it occurred to me that he killed her on the very day of my posting Full Moon Fury. While Underwood might not be considered a 'true' pedophile, most pedophiles share many characteristics with him.

How many of them are out there harboring fantasies like Underwood's?

How many of them are out there planning on acting on their evil, immoral thoughts?


Carl Rogers said...

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Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Excellent Post Rae Ann and observation. It truly sends chill bumps up and down your spine as well as make your blood boil.

I remember that day, my amber alert scroll was crossing my screen from another state and then went to OKLA about Jamie.

There are so many pedo blogs out there that it is unbelievable. We have to continue to report these people to the Cyber Tipline, Prevent Abuse and all the law enforcement agencies. I am considering posting all their links on my Assorted Babble News blog....for all to report.

Look Who's Tattling Now...has updates and an excellent post. She is part of the true crime blogroll.
Steve Huff is reporting on it too...Several are actually.

P.S. I will be watching Nancy Grace tonight covering the case with new info.