Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Full Moon Fury

I've noticed that my hormonal cycle seems to have aligned itself with the lunar cycle. This hasn't always been so because my cycle isn't as regular and predictable as the lunar cycle. But what this does mean while they are in alignment is that the combination seems to make for a very volatile situation. So you better watch out!

This explains why I might be especially vicious lately. My apologies if anyone has felt assaulted. Please be assured that it's not personal, unless you are a pedophile.

That being said, here goes:

Google's has hosted a pedophilia blog. Being the vicious momma that I am, and especially vicious this week, I commented on the offending blog because they tried to use the First Amendment and 'freedom of speech' as their justification for promoting their bullshit.

How much of this ignorant and vile 'freedom' do we have to put up with? I'll say that if as many people who put their time and energy into arguing about 'global warming' would put that time and energy into fighting pedophilia, which is a more true, undeniable problem, then we might actually make progress in stopping these sick bastards.

I'm more concerned about my children being assaulted by some predator than about some chimerical climate disaster. The way I see it, if they suffer from some climatic event that is more of an 'act of Nature' than if they are raped by some asswipe criminal. And I'd say that statistically, though I haven't looked this up, they are much more likely to be the victim of a pedophile than of some climate disaster.

Call me what you like, but I think that too many people have very wrong priorities. If you are concerned for the future of y/our children then take a stand against the people who are directly and unrelentlessly trying to fuck them. Nature can take care of herself. She has done that for billions of years.

But our children can't take care of themselves. They need our care and protection in a real and tangible way.


Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Thanks Rae Ann for bringing this to your readers. You are so on target. Chilren rely on adults to protect them. Speaking of priorities, I feel our nation is pretty screwed up. I am soon going to post on EARMARKS...talking about tax dollars (oh as you put it too - time and energy). What in the heck is going on???

So glad you left a comment...will have to go check it out. I was away from the computer after posting yesterday. Rebecca was on fire...when she emailed me about this link. Just disgusted by this...and one blogger said that there were tons of these sites.

There are many contribors to that site....I'm sure they are part of a pedophile network. Hopefully the police is investigating it now...w/ Worldnetdaily revealing it.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I just commented on that blog behind you and Jessie. Rebecca posted on the post before that one. Trench did too!!(Jessie left you a note on my post btw)
Now he has posted again...saying it is a conservative issue...but not according to the new comments on that post. They are picking up over there....

Freedom said...

Everyone has the right to be offended by ideas,and tell the author so. They also have a right to protest. When they use their freedom of speech to "remove" the freedom of speech of others, then what have they become? What does it say about them? They have become hypocrites. Not one shred of evidence has been presented so far, that those Bloggers have commited or are commiting illegal acts. No, I can see right through this campaign. Mass flapping hysteria, which would like to allow freedom of expression "only" as long as it isn't deemed offensive.

Rae Ann said...

Well, "Freedom" I think you are way off in lala land if you think that freedom is unlimited. That's bullshit. Your freedom ends where MINE begins. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Freedom of 'expression' DOES NOT protect ALL expression unless you live in a hedonistic anarchy, which this country isn't supposed to be but you people would like it to be.

Besides, why are you worried if you aren't doing anything wrong?

Why are you so concerned about being pointed out if you aren't trying to hide something?

Mass hysteria or not you do have a bunch of concerned mothers on your tail, and you are right to be worried about us interfering in your sick exploits of our children.

Kat said...

I can't believe they were bold enough to make a blog like that!

I read your comment, way to go Rae ann!