Friday, April 07, 2006

OH! My Eyes! My Eyes! (please vote)

Okay, now I've been thinking about this pink thing and I'm about 78% sure that I want to change this color template. I got a book about color theory and now I'm thinking that I need to change from this flirty pink to a more mellow yellow.

So what do you think?

Yes or no for the color change?

If not mellow yellow then suggestions?


Kat said...

Mellow yellow sounds good. For some reason the words "mellow Yellow" suit you. And it would be very springy!

How'd you survive the stroms? They didnt' get to bad in my little corner.

mr_g said...

I actually quite a job as a sales rep for a sign company that I was supposed to buy-out and take over because I couldn't match 2 colors to save my life! Thank God I married an artist!

I can't suggest a color, but I the pink is a challenge on Mozilla browsers for some reason.

And yeah, I saw the news last night and though of you and Kat. Hope all's well with everyone!

The Guy said...

Yes, yes, good weather blessings or at least no debris, please!
Down with pink. Use something high contrast please, I have to make the text larger to see it well against the red background. Mellow yellow and purple or black lettering at least. How's about using some garden colors to go with your hoe analogy?

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

04 09 06

Well the Pink grabs attention and I can read it just fine. Yellow may not be so easy unless you use different font color like the commenter suggests above.

Rae Ann:
Are you okay? I heard there is bad weather out in your neck of the woods, so this is just to check in and wish you well.
Warmest Regards and have a great week:)

Rae Ann said...

Thanks all, yes, we are okay. The really bad weather stayed north of us, but it was a little scary when it looked like we were in the direct path of the tornado producing storms.

madman said...

Hell--I'm color blind-as long as the words are not the same shade as the background so I can still read--then all is cool.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I have read glasses these whatever color is fine with me....but YES on the color change.....(smiling) I am sure whatever you select will look great.

DHammett said...

I think the guy's suggestion of garden colors is a good one: spring = shades of green. On the other hand, blue is soothing. Of course, you can duplicate the wild background from your lyrics site if you want to mess with our minds. Or maybe change them daily to make us wonder if we got to the right place.

Glad you're safe.

Anonymous said...

The site doesn't look good in Safari or Camino. There is not enough constrast between the links on the right and the background. The Headlines can't even be seen w/o highlighting. This may be a Safari or Camino thing, but it is quite bad. I would definitly go with a better scheme.