Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Firefox, Safari, Camino Users, please help

Visitors who use Firefox, Safari, and Camino have said that the page isn't displaying properly. If anyone knows how I can tweak the template code to fix it please leave detailed instructions because I really don't know code so well. Thanks!


Kat said...

I like the purple!

mr_g said...

I don't know about firefox, but I'm on Safari on a mac...it's a mozilla based browser like firefox...and it's impossible to read without first highlighting the text. THe text clashes with the objects in the background to the point that it hard to see.

....but other than that it looks great!

Rae Ann said...

kat, thanks! It's not mellow yellow, but it's not that pink either. lol

mr g, I have no idea how to fix that. If you could see it with IE you'd see how nice it really looks when it works right. The backgound for the text is supposed to be a peachy tan, and the text is dark brown. The flowers are only supposed to run down each side.

If anyone who knows how to fix it for firefox I'll do what I can.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Rae Ann, I use IE for my browser...and this looks great. I love the colors. (smiling)

Once I clicked on someone that was using Firefox for viewing my blog, it made it look huge. (lol) On mine it does not look that way to me even with my huge flat screen. It is weird how they are viewed differently.

Happy Easter to you and your family. (smiling)

Lumo said...

I still have not solved it but there are other people with the same Thisaway template who experience the same problems - the background stops too early. See



Lumo said...

Hi Rae,
I know how to make your blog Firefox readable. Look at


Looks better, does not it? It's still not perfect but at least the purple background ends in time.

At the beginning of the template, there are "global" CSS settings.

Find the line with your background:

background: #ce8b43 url(http://static.flickr.com/52/128057860_fcebb0f472_m.jpg);

That's not the correct line. You've erased some settings. The correct one is

background: #ce8b43 url(http://static.flickr.com/52/128057860_fcebb0f472_m.jpg) repeat-x left top;

Note that I added

repeat-x left top

before the semicolon to the same line.

Best wishes

Lumo said...

If you're not sure exactly what I changed, open View source of my version of the page, look for the same line, and compare with yours. Update to mine.

The Guy said...

It looks great in IE.
I've inspected a little of the template code via the page source code but that isn't a great way to figure out the problem as viewing Page Source is always after blogger has processed the template. If you get a chance, hop into the template edit page, copy and paste the whole thing into a standard .txt document (so it won't be messed up by either of our email programs) and send the thing to me as an attachment. I've got an idea where 2 or 3 problems might be but can't be sure (you have a couple of incomplete anchors for instance just after "I'm a hoe" your are missing a > check it out...)

The Guy said...

Uhps, Lubos beat me to it. Good Job Lubos!

Lumo said...

I just can't fix the remaining bugs - that the background ends too early and the body is shifted to the left.

You may want to take a fresh version of the template at


which is viewed OK in all browsers and compare the sources, especially the header. You might even want to start from the scratch.

A week ago, during the weekend, my template did not save fully and I did not have a fresh backup - it was a painful 120 Saturday minutes...


Lumo said...

Dear Rae,

I found the real bug. It looks kind of shocking how could I have found it.

Look for the sequence

[!-- Begin #main-wrapper

where the left bracket should really be "less than" but I can't type it here easily.

Above this line, you have three [/div] commands (with the less-than more-than brackets).

Erase one of these [/div] commands. ;-)

This will shift the whole body of the page to the right.


The Guy said...

If you're still having trouble, go ahead and send me the template text and I'll fix it up for ya using Lumo's instructions, send it back and you can just paste it on top of the old template.

The Guy said...

You know, the Bipolar Princess has exactly the same problem....

Kat said...

Well, now I'm worried that my template might look bad! Is that hydrangia?

Rae Ann said...

Lubos and Guy, thanks! I've made those edits but since I only have IE I'm not sure if it's right. Thanks so much for taking the time to help!

kat, ask mr g if it works for him. He's on a mac. And yes, that is hydrangea! It started out more blue, but our soil is more acidic or alkaline (I can't remember which one affects the flowering color) so that the flowers are beginning to be more pink. That picture was from last summer when the color change was just starting and it made for a nice purplish/violet color. I'm not sure what color the blooms will be this year. Probably more pink.

The Guy said...

Rae Ann, pass it on to Kat all her pages look acceptable in Firefox. Can't speak to the other browsers. We'll get this thing whupped yet.

The Guy said...

Oh yeah, acidic soil produces blue flowers in hydrangea. Try some wood shavings, dilute lemon juice or a very light dusting of sulfur if you'd like to restore the color.

Rae Ann said...

guy, thanks for all your help. I'm kind of worn out with working on the template for now. And busy too. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend. And thanks for the tips on the hydrangea!