Thursday, April 06, 2006

From the Chimerical Mailbag

Hey Rae Ann,

I hate pink! Why do you keep that horrible pink template?

No Pink Please

Dear No Pink Please,

I love pink, and I always have. But my mother was one of the first feminists and she didn't allow pink, not even if I begged. So now that I make my own choices I choose pink. It's a very powerful, feminine color.

Pretty in Pink,
Rae Ann

PS If it bothers you that much try right-clicking and selecting all. At least then there is some blue and white.

Hello Fruitloop,

Why and how can you take horoscopes seriously and call yourself 'psychic'? I think you're just another fruitloop.

Raisin Bran Is Better

Dear Raisin Bran,

Of course you're entitled to your opinion and can call me whatever you like. I don't care. All of these things are very personal and not especially conducive to a scientific kind of validation. Indeed, it has taken my husband nearly 15 years of living with me to recognize and accept that I just know things sometimes. I keep most of my 'visions' to myself because I've found that most people just can't deal with (or are very frightened by) someone who can see right through them. This has taught me to be more forgiving and understanding of other people's dark sides and insecurities that they'd rather deny exist. However, at the worst it can make me very suspicious and sad to know "what evil lurks in the hearts of men (and women)." But make no mistake, I do know what you're thinking and I try to overlook it. In this way I might be the best friend you could ever have.

As for horoscopes I only like the thought-provoking ones that give me a new way of looking at things. I certainly don't live by them, but they are entertaining and interesting.

And be careful in a crowd as you are going to fart and embarrass yourself.

Your Fruitloop Oracle,
Rae Ann

Dear Rae Ann,

Are you a feminist or not? You send mixed messages, and you seem to have a deep hostility toward men.


Dear Confused,

I consider myself a 'New Feminist.' As I stated above my mother was one of the original feminists who were rebelling against the oppression they experienced in the 'June Cleaver' 1950s culture, etc. I was brought up to not trust men and to not depend on them for anything. Indeed, these women were confused themselves because they tried to be more like men instead of asserting their feminine power in a more natural way. Childhood influences can be difficult to overcome. I'm not blaming or resenting my mother's approach, but I'm finding my own. I am quite bothered by all the oppression of women over history (and that continues today) by men who I know are at the most basic level envious of women's ability to create and grow life within their bodies. And some men even know and deeply resent that they (and their seed) are plentiful and 'disposable'. They try to say that women are the 'weaker vessel' or whatever, but I'd love to see a man go through pregnancy and childbirth. There would be no population problem! lol Both sexes have their strengths and weaknesses, and we are intended to complement each other instead of be adversaries.

Anyway, no, I don't hate men. I love them, most of the time, except when I'm hormonal. They are funny creatures to study and experiment with. And I do try to forgive them for fearing strong women. I've found that their egos are like bubbles. The bigger they get the more fragile they are.

Hope that helps,
Rae Ann


J Cleaver said...

Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver.

/s/ June

Office Worker said...

Well, if you're going to keep the pink, at least put a panic button on the computer so that when my friends (boss?) sneak up on me, I can pretend I'm looking at a spreadsheet. But they see the pink a mile away.

The Shadow said...

Sorry, Fruitloop. Only I know what evil lurks in the hearts of men.

Stevie Nicks said...

I, too, keep my visions to myself. Of course, mine are crystal visions. Can you say that?

The Aliens in the Saucers said...

We like to experiment with men, too.

Rae Ann said...

j cleaver, that's not all you should be worried about! lol

office worker, Staples sells those 'easy' buttons. Maybe you can try that?

shadow, ah, yes, maybe you can see into men's hearts, but I can see into everyones... *evil laughter*

stevie, by 'crystal' are you referring to a drug? I don't need that for my visions..

aliens, yeah, but I think they like what I do better! hehehe