Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This Blog Approved in China

I was reading about one site's being banned from Google. I'm not getting into the details and rights and wrongs of it because I'm not sure exactly what all the issues are. One side says it's being banned and censored because they ridiculed Google China and Google's going along with China's censorship, and the other says the site was banned for breaking rules about spamming or something. Really, that's their dispute. But it piqued my curiosity about my own blog's standing with the Communists. Apparently, I've slipped under the radar and am approved in China. From my statcounter I've noticed that I've gotten hits from a wide variety of countries, even Iran, but I can't recall any from China (yet).


mr_g said...

I'm approved too! Yay!!!! Now when do the Chinese start sending me money?

Lumo said...

I don't know why you exactly think that you are "approved". You are just searchable on google.china, much like everything else, but if someone tries to click it, they will get nothing.

The whole is banned in China.

My blog has had, during a month, about 20,000 visits from the U.S., but only 4 visits from China, and all of these visitors are secretaries of the Communist Party, I think. ;-)


Rae Ann said...

mr g, no, they want your money, and everything else too.

lubos, thanks for clearing that up. I assumed that if my link was there that they would be able to get here. Silly me!