Sunday, March 19, 2006

Big Idea

Sometimes when I'm so emotionally unstable due to hormones I have to go outside and pick around the yard to 'ground' some of that extraneous, 'negative' energy. Hokey or not, it does seem to help. Today I was outside cleaning up an area next to a large cinderblock retaining wall that has yet to be painted or otherwise 'finished.' All of a sudden I thought, "Oh! That would be the perfect place for a large-scale tile mosaic." Now, I've never done that before, though I have pondered doing tile mosaics for a few years. As with many of my inspirations it might never come to fruition, but then again, maybe it will. It will take a while for me to 'find' the right design, something that will not be "too weird" according to David. After all, it will be a fairly permanent installation. I'm thinking of some cool, mostly geometric design, but I also like this kind of thing, only I'll have to leave out any obviously "weird" spiritual symbolism in respect for David's tastes. I'll also have to consider the style of our house which is 'country ranch' style. Perhaps a mosaic that says "See Rock City" would work? LOL Well, really, I'd like to do something somewhat 'artsy,' but it really can't be too crazy-looking. I'll have to go through my computer files for any designs I've already made to see if something jumps out at me. My daughter said an angel would be good. Yeah, maybe it would. And how could anyone think that is too weird?

Opinions, please! Is this a crazy idea? Any suggestions for designs?


mr_g said...

The cool thing about Mosaics is it can be all about pattern. I don't know if I'd go for a message, but rather something cool pattern-wise...maybe some recurring colors and some different sizes. Then again, what do I know? My wife's the artist/designer...I can't make yellow and blue equal green!

DHammett said...

Did that first example contain a symbolization of the ten commandments? And your daughter is suggesting an angel? Careful or the libs will have you in court in no time flat. lol

Kat said...

There are too many "see rock city" ads already! lol. I like the first example. What about some nature themed design?