Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shopping Spree

Monday morning I was out and about and did a little art and craft supply shopping. I first went to Jerry's Artarama. I had a 20% off coupon that was going to expire at the end of this month, so I wanted to use it. It can be dangerous for me to go shopping there, especially with a coupon, because I love art supplies. I went there specifically for some nice mats for some photos I'm entering in the Dogwood Arts Festival Photo Show. Well, I'm entering them this Saturday, but it is a juried show so they might not be judged into the show. Last year I got two pictures in and the year before that I got one in.

In addition to the mats I bought:

1. "Micro Mini" 12 brush set, I really like these tiny brushes for precision work. They were made in China. I wonder how much they get paid per hour to make these brushes.

2. "Colour Shaper" 5 piece shaped silicone brush set, these are also good for precision work and corrections. Made in England. I wonder how much they are paid to make these in England as compared to China.

3. "Scrubber" 3 brush set, these are supposed to 'erase' paint. Made in China. Again, I wonder about the hourly wage for making these.

4. Staedtler "Mars" Plastic eraser, this is good for removing smudges, etc. Made in Germany. I wonder if Germany has the market on this kind of thing.

5. Staedtler "Mars" Dry Cleaning Pad, another tool for removing smudges, etc. Made in the good, ol' USA. I wonder if union workers make these and how much they get paid per hour compared to the other countries.

It's no accident that 80% of those products I bought are eraser type items. I make lots of mistakes! Or maybe it's just that I change my mind a lot? lol

Oh, how could I forget?! I also bought these ultra-cool Crayola "Spider Writers" which are marker pens with a stringy ink. When you touch the tip to paper and lift it again the ink trails along and forms a strand between the two points. Kind of like building a spider web, thus the name I guess. lol I got the metallic set, but I think there were 'plain' colors too. Made in Korea. I don't see many things made in Korea anymore. I wonder how their unemployment rate is these days.

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Kat said...

Neat stuff. I avoid craft shops. I already have enough stuff for at least a dozen projects I haven't gotten around to! :P