Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Brokeback Oil Change

I absolutely HATE dealing with car maintenance! On Friday I took my old Expedition for an oil change at one of those quick change places. I've gone there several times, and David takes all the work vehicles there. I've never had a problem with them trying to mess up my car or charging me for things I didn't need. Well, change is inevitable. On Friday I pull up and get in line for service. Usually, a woman comes right out and gets all your information and tells you to wait in the lobby. But this time no one came out, and I sat there for a while thinking that I'll be patient and wait a few minutes because they seemed a little busy. One of their work bays was closed so I figured they were short-handed.

There were three men there, two mechanics and a guy running around like he didn't quite know what he was doing. None of them acknowledged my presence except for some annoyed glances. Okay. Beginning to feel like I'm not wanted there. Then a little low-rider truck pulls into the line next to me. They immediately wave at the GUY in it. Hmmm, I'm thinking I don't like the way this is going. But being the patient and good-natured person I am I wait a little longer to see when they are going to service my car. I catch the two mechanics doing that talking and looking thing that always gives away when people are talking about you in a negative manner. I think, "They are going to do that truck next to mine and ignore me." Well, low and behold, that's exactly what happened! So I started my car, backed out, and left. Piss on 'em!

For some reason Brokeback Mountain came to mind. I've decided that they were a bunch of gay mechanics and that they only work on guys' cars. Who's to say that if a couple of rancher/cowboys can be gay lovers then a bunch of oil change mechanics can't be? Maybe there are a bunch of Brokebacks in all kinds of places you wouldn't normally suspect. How about...

Brokeback Heating and Air Conditioning? (definitely NOT our business)

Brokeback Plumbing and Rooter Service? (now, that one is funny!)

Brokeback Tree Trimming?

Brokeback Landscape and Gardens?

Brokeback Pool Service?

Brokeback Construction?

Brokeback Erectors? (crane service, of course)

Brokeback Waste Management?

Brokeback Trucking?

Brokeback Pest Control?

What can you think of to add? I thought of a really funny one last night, but now I can't remember it. I hate when that happens.

As always, Tayster has found a funny. Brokeback Bunnies.

Well, anyway, the oil still hasn't been changed because I told David that I will no longer do anything involving contact with auto mechanics and service. I'll drive it until it blows up first. Men, a little advice from a New Feminist, if you want your woman to feel taken care of, you deal with all the car maintenance. If your woman is a feminazi and insists on doing it all herself, well, then that's your problem. But this woman ain't no MAN, and I'm not doing any MAN's Work.


Kat said...

I hate having to take the car to get something done. But my husband won't do it. And he left with his oil needing changed, so sometime soon I have to take his truck too!


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 10 06

Oh Miss Rae Ann you are too much for me! hahahhahahhahaha You had me thinking about a few months ago when I first got my drivers permit. My husband wanted me to go through the drive through car wash and it involved placing the car on those tracks and all that. I had a panic attack and got so mad at him! And I almost hit a worker because I didn't know what the hell I was doing! I told him that He needs to do that from now on!!! Ha! And he does:)