Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Million American March

Okay, here's an idea. Why can't someone organize something like a Million American March on Mexico? I'm not a leader or organizer. I'm just a thinker. But if someone would organize this thing I think it could make a big point. We could go to Mexico City or somewhere down there and bring our American flags and march on their city streets in protest. (And while we're at it we can stake out where to start our retirement communities. Florida is already overcrowded and overpriced, as well as most other popular retirement areas in the US, so we could find some nice warm places in Mexico. One of their supposedly abandoned towns, maybe?)

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Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

That is funny you brought that up...cuz it crossed my mind too....but mine was in marches throughout this country. Legal citizen-Americans I think are lazy....would rather what I am doing.

Still feel if the correct poll questions were ask and the MSM..actually aired them-....I truly believe it is overwhelming on the majority of Americans feel as we do on this ILLEGAL ISSUE...not immigration.
ILLEGAL illegal and the law should be upheld. They should get in line behind the ones doing it the legal way.
My personal feelings...A FENCE...Should be the FIRST ISSUE...then deal with the 11-12 million here.