Tuesday, March 14, 2006


(this is my third attempt at a post today, everything seems pointless today)

Do you have any phobias? I used to be deathly afraid of spiders (Arachnophobia), but after studying shamanism I've overcome that fear. I've never been terrified of snakes or any other creatures. Actually, I'm really fascinated with most creepy-crawlies. I might have a bit of Acrophobia, the fear of heights, but I chalk that up to common sense avoidance of dangerous places like unsecured high ledges, etc. I mean, isn't that just common sense to stay away from the edge of a cliff? I really dislike clowns, but I don't think it's to the point of Coulrophobia. I have a dysfunctional relationship with food and hate to cook, but I don't fear cooking (Mageirocophobia).

The one thing that I do have this terrible, irrational fear of is making phone calls. I can't find a name for that one. Now, I can receive a call and talk on the phone just fine most of the time, though I do hate my phone voice which is too little girly and soft and thick with that Tennessee twang. But just in the last week I've missed two appointments due to my being a bimbo (I'm not blonde but I do have lots of recessive blonde genes.) And now, I'm tormented by having to call and reschedule them. How stupid is that? I know that all I have to do is dial the number and tell the receptionist that I need to reschedule my appointments. So why do I find it so difficult? It's totally irrational and inexplicable.

I just did a search on fear of phoning and apparently it's pretty common. And the most frequent advice is to just make the f*cking calls and get over it. Yeah. LOL

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Kat said...

I hate making phone calls, but I don't really fear it. The only phobia I have is bugs. Not spiders, they aren't too bad, and some others don't bother me like ladybugs. But roaches, crickets, anything that looks like those kinds of bugs give me the willies.