Friday, June 10, 2005

Writing Assignment

Okay, all of you creative writers (you know who you are) I have an idea. Maybe you can write a paragraph or a few lines or whatever you can think of to describe this: a woman crying in a Corvette. I'm not giving you any other details. Those are up to you. You can decide if she's driving or if she parked somewhere and so on. Poetry, prose, or sentence fragments are allowed. No rules, basically. Have at it!

(Hoe Points awarded to all who participate)
{like that's some kind of incentive, eh?}


madman said...

I'm not a writer nor creative, but I am high--soooo:

The red vet in front of me pulled off the road quickly. I could sense something was wrong-- so I followed. As I walked up to the convertible, I could hear the sobbing. I gasped when the reality of what had happened sunk in. All of her cocaine had spilled onto the floorboard of her sports car. I knew at that moment God was dead.

Now can I be Hoe of the day again?

Rae Ann said...

That was great! Wow. And hell, yeah, you can be Hoe of the Weekend! (and you still get 50 Hoe Points too)