Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This Hoe's Life, 1976

I was eight and my sister was 12. This is one of my favorite pictures of myself ever because I look so chilled out.

I had written a nice, long music-themed post about all the great songs from 1976, but my computer froze up and I lost it all. I don't feel like doing it all over again so here's an idea. Name your favorite song from 1976 and why it is your favorite. I'll post the lyrics on the other blog if it's one of my favorites too. Posted by Hello


gina said...

Aw, you were a cutie! :)
I don't know if this is from the 70's but it's the first song that I remeber being my favorite song:
Rhinestone Cowboy
Next was that one that goes...
Looking for love in all the wrong places (a premonition perhaps?)

Rae Ann said...

I remember Rhinestone Cowboy, but I'm not sure what year it's from. Maybe tayster knows. Looking for love was from the Urban Cowboy. I remember all of those songs real well. I think that was 1980, but I'm not sure.