Friday, June 10, 2005

Frame by Frame

Not sure if this is ready to share with the world...

Frame By Frame

I feel you in my mind
Thumbing through the albums
That hold the snapshots of my life

You are trying to decide
What I am thinking in the instant
That the shutter clicks

I don't think it's finished yet. It's just a little something that came to me last night.


gina said...

I'm not sure that it's finished yet either but it reminds me of reading other people's blog- trying to understand what they were thinking/feeling when they wrote each post.

Rae Ann said...

Yeah, it is that same feeling. I guess the visual aspect of it is what it's about.

mr_g said...

Keep at it. You're doing great!

Kevin said...

I think it's finished and I like it.

I like trying to get in other heads and guess at the back story of their blogs. I may write a cryptic one today. Just to be a bitch.