Friday, June 03, 2005

Hoe Points

Thanks to the suggestion from Nick Danger I have decided to award Hoe Points to the Hoe of the Day honorees. Each previous honoree will be awarded 50 retroactive points for each day honored. Just for the record here is the list of previous Hoes of the Day and their points:

Lois Lane= 50 Hoe points
devilboss = 50 Hoe points
Tayster= 50 Hoe points
Hall= 50 Hoe points (I think I scared this guy too much, but he still gets his points.)
Mr. G= 50 Hoe points
Gina = 50 Hoe points
Nick Danger= 100 Hoe points (see link above)
I hope that's everyone. Scold me if I've left anyone out.

And for Today's Hoe of the Day let's give a big Congratulations and 50 points to madman!!

*points are non-transferable and void where prohibited by law


madman said...

THANK-YOU--I wish to thank all the other Hoe's who made this possible.

Nick Danger said...

Your Fuckin Welcome