Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bloggin' Blues...

It's not writer's block because I'm not a real writer. But. I just can't seem to put things together right now. Here's a list of subjects I've pondered writing a post about:

Big Dicks and Fast Cars

Good Ad/Bad Ad

Hoe's Life, 1988

Hoe-ling Number One

I started on each topic only to lose steam in the middle. Maybe one or all of those will come together in the next day or so. So this is a lame post about why I didn't have a good new post. Which story do you want to read?


mr_g said...


Big Dicks and Fast Cars...ah yes, the former being the reason I never needed a Camaro

Good Ad/Bad Ab...instead, try "Good Abs, Bad Abs". You can post pics of people's abs and we could rate them....well, maybe it's been done

HOe's LIfe -- Fayhn, Hoe's life wis you?

Sorry, feeling punchy today :)

madman said...

gimme a hoe!

Rae Ann said...

wow, everybody's in lala punchy land.

mr g, I always heard that about Jewish guys. Didn't you say you were raised Jewish?

madman, I'm not sure what your vote was for exactly.

madman said...

Sorry--I voted for 1988 hoes!

gina said...

I think the 88 one would be fun.
Funny, the year I had the fastest car, I also had the boyfriend who, it turned out, would have the biggest cock of anyone I would sleep with in my life. go figure.
ho-ling means child? I'd love to hear about your family.

gina said...

ok, through in good ad/bad ad just because I have no idea what that one would be and now I'm curious.
ps. A real writer?!?? What does that mean? Do you not write your posts? You might not have authored a BOOK, but you write. And we love you. So there.(If I had access to a smiley sticking out it's tongue, I would insert it...) HERE.

Tayster said...

Hoe '88!