Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sensitive Hoes

Hoes have feelings too. I'm an emotional Hoe. I admit it. I'm as moody, insecure, and sensitive as a Hoe can be. It's totally true about people bringing down my self esteem when they don't pay any attention to me. I don't like hanging around with nothing to do. I can't stand the idea of being useless like a pitch fork.

Hoes are a tough bunch because we've survived the advent of a lot of modern power tools and equipment. But all of that has made us especially sensitive to the possibility of being put away and forgotten in favor of some shiny new thing.

Sometimes we get a little over-anxious when it's been a while since someone has put their hands on us. Our biggest fear is to be forgotten or discarded. Sometimes we are susceptible to trying too hard or overachieving in the attempt to avoid being disregarded or overlooked. If you see a jittery Hoe it's most likely because someone isn't paying enough attention to him/her.

Sometimes I wish I could be more like Weedeater. He's so loud and obnoxious and oblivious to what others think about him. He just goes about his business as noisy as he can, but he's not trying to get anyone's attention. He just is. And people put up with his bravado because he is usually a good worker. Though I've seen more than one Weedeater get beat pretty hard when his string gets jammed.

Well no, I wouldn't want to be a Weedeater. They don't usually live very long. What I do wish I could develop is a little more of Weedeater's 'devil-may-care' attitude. He just doesn't worry about things like Hoes do.


Rae Ann said...

Oh, dammit I'm commenting on my own f*cking blog. I'm shameless! But I just totally cracked myself up. That's bad, isn't it?

Jittery Hoes. I need to copyright that one.

Kevin said...

Not to criticize, but from one in the landscape arts, a weedeater is known outside the shed as a string trimmer.

Rae Ann said...

Thanks for the correction. I'm just a Redneck Hoe and don't always know the proper terms. The landscape arts are cool though.

Rae Ann said...

Shameless again. This still totally cracks me up. And the weedeater/string trimmer thing is even more interesting now.