Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Famous Hoes

There have been several famous Hoes in the last century. We all can probably think of a few of them, but there are also a lot of Hoe wannabes. It's important not to be fooled by people like that. A lot of people might think that Britney Spears is a Hoe, but she's not. I suspect she's really a Pitch Fork in disguise. Anyway, probably one of the most famous Hoes ever was Mae West, gotta love her. If there had been a Hoe monarchy she would have been the Queen. Here's a picture for the younger folks who might not know who she was (god forbid).

Another one of my favorite famous Hoes is Ben Affleck. I think it's pretty obvious that he's a Hoe. His pal, Matt, isn't a Hoe though. I'm not sure what he is. There are a lot of people who diss Ben Affleck for this and that, but that kind of disrespect comes with the territory of being a Hoe (we're so misunderstood). He is kind of a pretty boy, but I was especially impressed when he was on that Bill O'Reilly show on FoxNews back when the Democratic and Republican conventions were going on. He is much smarter than most people realize, even though he is a liberal. Here's a nice picture of him. I like him with some facial hair.


devilboss said...

I do like me some Ben, however when he was part of the original Bennifer she was such a Hoe that it overshadowed him. I like to refer to Mz. Hopez as J-Ho.

Rae Ann said...

LOL, yeah, J-Lo is definitely a Hoe. Hoe + Hoe relationships rarely work out. Ben Affleck is quite the hottie Hoe though. Jen2 is a lucky one. She must be a toenail.