Friday, May 13, 2005

Hoe Food...

I just ate lunch that included some Fritos which got me thinking about Hoe food. There's an old country favorite called a hoecake. It's a little fried corn cake. Some people call them griddle cakes, not to be confused with pan cakes which are made of wheat flour and not corn flour. I'm not sure how hoecakes got their name except that it must have been one of those country things (must pronounce that as 'thangs'). *

Hostess makes Ho-Hos. They are yummy, as is typical of Hoe food. They are a lot like Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. But that's just too fancy a name, 'Swiss Cake Rolls'. Don't get me wrong, though, I love Little Debbie cakes. They are made right here in Tennessee, and I even got to tour the bakery when I was a kid. But Ho-Ho is the best name for a delicious chocolate and cream cake roll. Mmm mmm.

And it seems that Keebler has discontinued their Sunshine brand of Hi-Ho Crackers. I like that name too, Hi-Ho. I suspect that the low carb diet craze is responsible for the end of Hi-Ho Crackers. Keebler will probably regret their decision when everyone gets tired of putting their cheese on lettuce leaves or whatever they do now.

Here's a link to a Hoe chip. A company called Yo-Ho Food Products makes them. What a great name for a company, Yo-Ho. I haven't tried these 'Famous Natural Potato Chips'. I'm not sure if they are available around here. I like the packaging.

*I just did a little research and discovered the origin of the hoecake:

Made of corn meal, water and salt, and originally cooked on the flat of a hoe over an open fire, hence the name. Other regional names are Johnnycakes, johnny cakes, jonnycake, ashcake, battercake, corn cake, cornpone, hoecake, hoe cake, journey cake, mush bread, pone, Shawnee cake, jonakin, and jonikin. (from

Ha! See Hoes are cooking utensils too. Can't do that with a Pitch Fork!

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mr_g said...

And I thought hoecakes was something found only in "Hollywood Shuffle". Damn, now that I know they're real, it's even funnier!