Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hurting Hoe

I'm going to the Hoe doctor this afternoon at 3:30. We'll see just how much of a hypochondriac I am or if I've missed my calling as a diagnostician (that is a word, I looked it up to make sure I didn't make it up). I just got back from taking my oldest Hoe-ling to the doctor to make sure his pneumonia was all cleared up. Yeah, I have three little Hoe-lings, and no, we usually aren't so sickly.

Sometimes my overactive little Hoe brain gets carried away and imagines some wild things. I'm currently entertaining the thoughts that I might be married to a Pitch Fork in disguise. I tried to do the Quiz giving the answers I thought the Mister would choose, but the result was a Guitar and that just didn't really seem to fit him. I guess it doesn't work unless you do your own quiz. I can't really elaborate at this time about the source of my suspicions about this man I've been married to for 14 years. You can be certain that if I'm right you'll be hearing about it. But if nothing more is said then it means that I was engaging in foolish speculations.

I do have a high tolerance for pain. That doesn't mean that I'm happy to hurt and that I don't complain. But it does mean that the pain that would put someone else in bed doped up with pain killers just makes me really grouchy as I go about my usual business. Such is life as a Hoe. So since I'm hurting pretty bad right now I'm a bit grouchy. Please accept my apologies for that.

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