Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How it all began...

You are a hoe.

You are characterized as being used by others, when in fact it is the other way around. You are secretive, especially around those you care most about. Even though you are always one to take control of situations, people can sometimes bring down your self esteem. But don't worry. You have the opposite sex to make all of your dreams come true. Just don't be too dependent on your lover... he may be only using you to tend to his crops.

Most Compatible with: Toilet Paper, and Toenail.

Click here -- What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?

That is by far the funniest, coolest quiz I've ever taken. A hoe. I've been laughing about this all day ever since I took the quiz last night. I even laughed myself to sleep last night. So, here it's inspired me to start a new blog all about being a Hoe.

Update: Unfortunately that quiz seems to have disappeared.


mr_g said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Your blog is a real kick...I love it! By the way...did the quiz and I'm a guitar! It also says I'm most compatible with a drumstick; though I've always been more of a breast man...

Rae Ann said...

Guitars are way cool!

gina said...

lol. this is too funny. i can't resist a quiz- i'm off...

Anonymous said...


regarding why a hoe? you might browse this

I think the painting L'homme à la houe is in the Getty Museum.

Happy New Year

Rae Ann said...


Wow! Thanks! May I post those here? That is really cool, and I had no idea about it. Are those your webpages?

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...


I'm a fan of both Millet and the american poet Markham. I arrived to your weblog thru Lubos r.frame. When I saw 'I'm a Hoe' I did remember there was a web page somewhere joining both Markham poem and Millet painting (btw at Getty's museum). But that webpage is not mine. I believe there are no copyrights at all on Markham poems or Millet paintings.Now there's a weblog (yours) joining you (since you're a hoe), the great poet and the wonderful painter. I thought you would like it. I use to read your cute comments at Lubos.

Ooopss! I have to leave you. The party starts soon!

All the best for you and your family. Have a nice MMVII


Rae Ann said...

Hi rafa, yeah, I guess you're several hours ahead of Tennessee and already beginning New Year's festivities. Enjoy! Thanks again for alerting me to the painting and poem. I will post them tomorrow to begin the New Year!

I've read your comments at Lubos's too. Thanks for coming by here. And Madrid! Wow, that's really cool!