Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Well, I haven't mentioned it yet because as is typical nothing works out simply and easily for me. But I got a laptop last week. I had planned on getting David one for his birthday, but being the way he is he insisted that I get a new one and he take the old one that our oldest has been using. This new one is really a 'family' computer, but technically it is mine, though my oldest is not so sure. ;-) I've been struggling with setting up a wireless router. I can't seem to do things like that in the simple and easy way that it is supposed to work. Anyway, it's given me enough headaches over the last week that I don't want to relive it all here trying to explain it. I'll just say that at least at this particular moment the wireless network is working on the laptop for the very first time. So here I am! The main problem now is that the desktop upstairs can't access the internet for whatever screwed up reasons. And I'm tired of calling Comcast about it.

My recent scarcity online is partly due to these computer issues, as well as some other much more fun things going on that I'll try to share later.

Welcome me to the 21st Century!


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Rae,
share, share
wanna hear, what's that you been having fun with?

mr_g said...

I have an advanced degree in technology and the stuff gives me fits!

Luke said...

The desktop upstairs? Try connecting it to the wireless hub with an ethernet cable. Also, if range is a problem you can extend it by adding additional wireless gateways that are connected to the first one with an internet cable. This is stuff I learned when I went through the process -- though I am far from a computer geek, closer to the opposite. good luck, you'll love it

Kat said...

We had dilemas when we put our wireless in too. Once we got it all working right, it was done, but if it ever messes up, I don't know what I'll do.

Dano said...

Saaaaay - what's this 'cowardly' thing? A case of reading incomprehension by somebody?



Rae Ann said...

Q, yeah, a fun new toy! I'll share details soon, but today I'm really extra busy with kid stuff.

mr g, it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one. Why do they even bother with instructions when they never work for anyone?

kat, The upstairs is working and the laptop isn't connecting now. But earlier today they both were working until a storm came through.

dano, welcome! Oh, that was when I was really mad at you. I'll take it off now since you've been behaving lately. ;-) Thanks for stopping by.

SierraBella said...

Good grief, I have enough trouble hooking a TV to a VCR and a DVD player!

Dano said...

My Hort degree automagically prevents me from being a noxious weed, you know.

I'm more like a flame azalea or Japanese snowbell, or sometimes a Calluna 'Wickwar Flame'.




Rae Ann said...

sierrabella, since I don't have any brothers one of us girls had to learn the 'technical' stuff for our parents. My sister was/is the pretty one. That left me to the gadgets. lol

dano, who knew you were so complex? I've seen flame azaleas in bloom up in the mountains. Okay, so you're not a weed or bad seed, but you're not a pitch fork are you? ;-)

Rainypete said...

Sounds like you need to grab a random twelve year old and have them set it up for you. That's what my nephews are for!! Sure you'll feel silly but your computers will work!

Rae Ann said...

Luke! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to snub you. I was really busy and scatter-brained yesterday. Thanks for the comment! The network is working now on all computers, so I'm hoping that the problems are all solved now. Thanks!

rainypete, yeah, I should let my ten year old learn how to figure out all of this stuff. I asked him yesterday what he thought about his old geeky momma. lol He just shrugged. Typical for a ten year old.