Sunday, July 23, 2006

Enormous Tubes: My Own Personal Internets

I'm late to the party, yet again, but this is too funny not to repeat:

It's NOT a big truck!


Cynthia said...

Rae Ann,

Thanks for sharing this priceless clip! Oh boy...the internet from a simpleton's point of view...Yet the stark truth is that the simpleton does not waver from reality; after all, the simpleton is right on track...A most excellent illustration of Fiction intersecting Reality. Moreover - a brillant mimicry of the "Chairman".

By the way, hope you enjoyed the party!

Best regards,

DHammett said...

Huh! How funny. When I saw you were posting about enormous tubes, I thought you'd be going a completely different direction. ;-)

QUASAR9 said...

Great stuff!
Have fun. - Q

Rae Ann said...

Hi Cynthia! yes, the party was fun. ;-) I tried to explain to my companions that the tubes analogy wasn't all that far-fetched. And Ted Stevens has a point about them getting clogged up with commercial material. I hate all the flashing ads that clutter my emails (internets, lol). Have a great day!

dh, yeah, be sure we had lots of fun joking about tubes! ;-)

Q, thanks, I'm home now but have to go to take my oldest to the dentist. I'll check in again later!