Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tree of Life Update

Since the Tree of Life post has been particularly popular I thought I should do an update. This lemon tree is still full of life that is growing and changing.

See all the baby lemons:

And here is the biggest one I've found. It is about 2 cm long:

I haven't seen "possum bug" again so I think it is safe to assume that Praying Mantis did show him exactly how to play dead. And Praying Mantis has doubled in size:

A new development is this strange combination of spider webs. The one to the lower right of center is an orb weaver's design and the other at the upper center is a cobweb weaver's design. As far as I know spiders are an either-or weaver, meaning that they either weave round, orderly webs or they weave messy, unstructured cobwebs but not both. Okay, I just looked it up and there are four kinds of web-building spiders (orb, funnel, cobweb, and cellar). I could be wrong, but yesterday I saw Praying Mantis munching on what looked like a spider. Maybe he ate one and the other 'squatted' the webs. The small spider in the picture looks like an immature orb weaver type, but it seems to be staying in the cobweb. I'll keep watching it to see what happens. You can also see the long thorns on the lemon tree:

And just this past weekend I bought a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade, so now my appetite for it is whetted. I can't wait until those lemons are ripe!

I think I need to hear "The Lemon Song."

The way you squeeze my lemon...

Oh, and my turnip (car) seems to have evolved into a fine lemon, which is a good thing. ;-) No more problems, and I must thank Carmax for going above and beyond to make things right.


QUASAR9 said...

Great tree, looking good
Great song, always singing along!

mr_g said...

Educational and entertaining! Great pics too!

Rae Ann said...

Q, how can anyone not sing along? lol

mr g, thanks! It's been really weird how many people have found the Tree of Life post.

Kat said...

Well, now I want a lemon tree!