Monday, July 10, 2006

Like Christmas In July

They threw outrageous parties, they paid heavenly bills
"Life in the Fast Lane" by the Eagles

Well, life in the fast lane of a rural backroad anyway. LOL It took me several days to completely recovered from our big Fourth of July celebration, but it wasn't a hangover exactly. I did not consume any alcohol. Maybe I'm just tired from the constant presence of demanding children who keep me from properly resting and reflecting.

Everyone now thinks that David is the God of Fire. July 4 is his day to shine as Grill Master and Fireworks Commander. I think it's appropriate that this most American of holidays is largely a celebration of the masculine control of fire, now in the form of grilling lots of meat and setting off the controlled explosions of fireworks. (Yes, I realize that fireworks are not an American invention, but it can be argued that Americans took that firepower and harnessed it to its extreme.) Indeed, it is the Day of Meat and Fire.

Sitting back and watching all the amped-up testosterone driven boys reminded me of depictions of certain pagan holidays that I've seen and/or read, and I wondered if the kids would have as fond memories of this night as I would. Would they think back on this night and remember the freedom and energy that fueled their connection to the element of fire? Maybe I am a little too philosophical about it? Did they appreciate the controlled rebellion that they were allowed to express? While the Fourth isn't a religious holiday it can have a certain flavor that inspires a spiritual kind of reflection. Patriotism can feel somewhat religious sometimes.

Certainly the fireworks of the Fourth are intended to remind us of the "rockets' red glare" of the Revolutionary War (as well as all other wars we've fought). But I couldn't help noticing the phallic nature of the fireworks and their explosions. ;-) Well, how can you not? If the female is the vessel then the male is the fire that makes the vessel cook. His fire is the catalyst for change, the ignition of life.

Anyway, it was like Christmas in July with all the festivities and food and family and friends. I even turned on the Christmas lights that are still hanging up on the porch. ;-)

I had begun this post on July 5th but have just now gotten to finish it. Well, I think I had originally intended to say more and post pictures, but that just didn't happen.


DHammett said...

Nothin' says rural Tennessee like Christmas lights in July y'all. lol

Rae Ann said...

Yep, you got that right! lol