Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why Not?

Since I'm feeling pretty pissy anyway, I might as well share some of what has been bothering me other than the usual, endless "momma, momma, momma" that bombards me all freakin' day long, every day. Let me add the requisite disclaimer here about how much I love my children, my family, my life, so on and so forth: I love my children, my family, my life, and so on and so forth. Any words I write here are no indication of the health of my homelife. Okay, now, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

I'm so tired. Tired of never getting to finish things I start. I'm tired of criticism. I'm tired of waiting for other people to do what they need to do before I can do what I need to do.

I know that my life is very common and not particularly interesting to someone whose life is spent focusing only on his/her needs, wants, and interests. But people should never make the mistake of thinking that "common" is inferior in quality or importance. If there is a hierarchy to life as the scientists have told us, then they should also remember that the base or bottom of the hierarchy is that which supports all the rest. We 'lowly' and 'common' types are the ones who make it possible for other, more 'influential' types to do whatever they do that they think is so all-important. Those 'on top' should NEVER believe that they are better than those that hold them up. Nor should they ever forget that they can't be on top without all of that support, seen and unseen. You cannot build on an unstable foundation. And if you neglect your foundation it will deteriorate and fail eventually. This is true for buildings as well as relationships and societies.

None of this is original or all that important to say, but this is my little place to say whatever the hell I want to say.


The Guy said...

Well, this is a weedy subject if ever I saw one. The rows of thought could use a good hoeing here.

Self-pity is a persistent enemy. One must be equally tenacious to combat it. Not that I think you feel sorry for yourself, but the habits of thought rotate so easily about such centers that anyone can be dragged into it. Even when our purpose is to be strong in the face of such challenges, our society, history and daily atmosphere percolate with reflections of our reasons for the self to be pitied. Probably justifiably so. After all life is sweet but short, even if you get to live a thousand years.

As for commonality, this is a strange idea to bring up. The commons once were shared ground used by everyone in the village. Being common and being the base of the hierarchy go hand in hand it seems. But did you know that the very first kings in this world were farmers? So were the very first mathematicians. Men and women who figured out how to wring extra sustenance and knowledge from the world quickly rose to prominence. And yet today, these people are perhaps amongst the most common, even though in America they have shrunk to a minority of less than 5% of the population. Common only in the eyes of the society which depends 100% upon them.

And what got those farmers there? Why hoes of course.

Have a great day, Rae Ann.

Kristi said...

AMEN!!! I find joy in the mere commoness of my common life. I love the mundane, everyday things I get to experience.

Kat said...


Rae Ann said...

guy, thanks! sometimes the conditions allow those weeds to take hold, but it's nothing that a farmer and a hoe can't handle. And as you know, I have a 'thing' for insects and those other 'lowly' and common creatures at the bottom of the food chain. Just imagine if they all disappeared. The 'higher' lifeforms wouldn't last long.

kristi, good to see you! I hope all is well. I generally am pretty satisfied with my mundane existence, but those damned hormones can really mess things up. lol

kat, thanks!

eatmisery said...

Mamas never get to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

DHammett said...

OK. Those of us at the top of the food chain want to thank all you little people at the bottom. ;-)

madamellenski said...

Hey, Rae! We've meandered around your blog a little tonight, partially to catch up, and in part because it's too damned late to call you on the phone! Worked 13 hours today (with a dinner break in there after the first 11). Didn't have anyone saying "Momma momma momma," I'll admit, but I did have The Spectre of Da Boss hanging over me saying "produce, produce, produce" -- and I ain't talkin' vegetables here. ;-)

Congrats on the wireless! Mine strangely stopped communicating with my printer after I updated my operating system... wireless networking is painless for no one, geek or not. (I, as you know, am not!)

Sorry you were feeling downtrod by the hierarchy on this day. I love commoners, meself.

Wellllllll...bedtime here at the ranch. Hope you'll take a Momma vacation and come see us soon. love, yer chica in the Triangle