Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cute Singing Kittens

From the creator of the Spongmonkeys, here are the most adorable singing kittens:

And if you're not impressed by cute kittens, try this massive cock. Go ahead, it's work safe, I promise. ;-)


nige said...

Rae, could you get rid of the picture of the spider kissing the ant at the top of your blog, please? It's disgusting to keep seeing it when visiting your blog.


Rae Ann said...

Actually, nige, that spider is eating a wasp! I like it because it is a good illustration of a "vicious momma" at work. But I have been thinking it's time for a change anyway. Any suggestions? Thanks!

nige said...

Hi Rae, well a picture of lion eating a string theorist (if you can find one somewhere on the internet, or else maybe you can convince an over-confident string theorist to pose beside a hungry lion for the photo), would entice more frequent visits to your blog. Thanks!

Rae Ann said...

nige, that certainly is a challenge! Do you know any overconfident string theorists who would pose next to a hungry lion, or even a "vicious momma"?

Hey, by the way, I was speaking with Santa about your case and he would like some additional information. You know he normally works from a list, so you need to give the specifics of what kind of wife you're asking for.