Monday, January 29, 2007

Old Stuff: Sticky Notes and a Bible

Did you know that some Post-it notes last for decades and don't lose their stick? Here is proof...

Twenty year old Post-it notes. (inset with clear date) For real. And they still stick just as well as brand new ones. I bought these in 1987 at a paper supply store where I worked for a summer job. I thought they were cute then, but I think they are even cuter now. ;-)

As you can kind of see in the picture my "Pure Bull" notes are used as place markers in a Bible. That's just kind of my own personal ironic joke, but feel free to be amused if you are so moved. ;-)

This is actually my favorite Bible. I received it in 1976 when I was Baptized. It is the "Good News Bible" in Today's English Version and has very groovy 70ish illustrations:

This illustration of Jabob's Dream/Stairway to Heaven had inspired me with a sermonette a few days ago, but the idea has vanished now. So much for Hawking's Information Paradox. ;-)

This has been called a "liberal" translation by some, but it doesn't really matter to me either way. I can read the King James version too. This Bible has a lot of nice extras like maps of the ancient world, a chronology of the Bible, passages from the Septuagint (ancient Greek translation of Old Testament), and various indeces.


rafa said...

Dear Rae Ann

maybe the sermonette vanished into some black hole confirming the information paradox. holes can radiate away energy too!. Let's try to recover the information lost:

On one side the Bible, Jacob and his dream, some sticky notes and also the stairway to heaven.

On the other side you claim Led Zeppelin is your favourite group. By 1976 LZ still enjoyed the success of its beautiful song "stairway to heaven". Uhmm! some connections. Maybe the black hole radiates away another fantastic sermonette.



Rae Ann said...

Hi Rafa!

It sounds like maybe that black hole radiated my ideas all the way to Spain! ;-) You hit upon the main points of the vanished sermonette. Maybe they'll loop back with the missing but crucial details? Hmm, kind of like physics isn't it? :-) Thanks!

Madeleine said...

Hi! My name is Maddie. This is going to sound very presumptuous and maybe even rude, but is there any chance I can buy this bible from you?

This bible is the first one I ever owned, given to me from my great uncle (a Trappist monk - and I have NO IDEA how he got a hold of it!!!). The illustrations inspired me so much, and my own artistic style is heavily influenced by it...Art is so important to me, and I can't express to you how important it is for me to again see these illustrations with my own eyes. Because of this bible I began my own study in theology, which I now have BA in. It led me to a life of faith.

What happened to my copy? I lost it when I was in my early teens - I was an atheist for a brief time. By the time I regained my faith I had a new bible given to me at confirmation (a NIV, and the profound difference in the translations is what led me in large part to my interest in theology).

OK, so I know that's a crazy long story and you may well be emotionally attatched to this bible. But I do have a paypal account and I would be happy to discuss any reasonable Bribes?

I know this is so strange, but please, contact me if only to say you are unwilling to part with it!

my email is:

Thank you for your consideration of this matter!