Friday, January 26, 2007

Self Portraits

I'm not sure why most artists tend to do a lot of self portraits. Maybe it's because when you need a subject that is the easiest one to get. Maybe it's some kind of obsession with trying to make yourself into the image you wish you were instead of the one you are. Maybe it's to remind your kids what you looked like when you were a certain age. I don't know, but here are some I did today:

I like this one.

This one is okay, but I think I look kind of old.

This is just a photo very similar to the above but slightly different and with no special effects.


eatmisery said...

The last picture is my favorite.

Bee said...

Lovely :-) You're depressing me. Didn't I just read you've turned 39?! You look younger than that thing I just saw in the mirror. Would you post a photo of your hands at some point? Best,


Rae Ann said...

eatmisery, thanks, but I kind of hate any pictures of myself.

Bee, thanks, but my secret to a youthful face is something that most women don't want to do: gain weight. A little fat under the skin keeps the wrinkles from getting too deep, but I do still have lots of "fine lines" especially when smiling. ;-) I'll post my hands sometime. They definitely look older! I've never thought you looked old in the pictures I've seen. You're very pretty!

dhammett said...

So, we now we can request photos of your body parts? Where do I begin? Yeah, I know, I'm a fine one to talk about photos. Really, though, very nice pictures. :-)

Rae Ann said...

dh, thanks, but now I'm asking myself why in the world did I post them? What parts do you think you want to see? My little toe? My knee or elbow? ;-)

dhammett said...

Well, one reason for posting them is to give your readers a little better connectivity to the author. Frankly, my neck cramps up every time I turn my head sideways to look at your icon. ;-) So this is easier on my neck and you're pretty easy on the eyes. It's all good.