Monday, September 26, 2005


This is for kristi, who said she had never seen these Quiznos commercials. I think they are hilarious. They never made me want to go buy a Quiznos, but they always made me laugh. I kind of hate that they quit running them, but the little talking baby (Baby Bob) ones are kind of funny too.

Click here to see the spongmonkeys.


eatmisery said...

I like the old Baby Bob better than the new one.

mr_g said...

I loved the commercial where the guy was suckling at the wolves teet...classic! They've really done some good stuff at quiznos...and the bread's toasted!

Kristi said...

Thank you! Wow. How could I have missed THAT commercial! That was freaking hilarious. It reminds me of the viking kitties. Have you seen them?

Rae Ann said...

em, I don't remember the old bob. I'll google it and see if I can see him.

mr g, I don't remember that one! Whoa. I'll have to google it too.

kristi, yeah, I love those viking kitties. VH1 used to have these kittens in a rock band doing songs like "I love rock and roll". I thought they were so funny and cute!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I think we get different commercials here than you guys, or I have not been on the channel where they advertise.

That was funny!

Rae Ann said...

suzie, maybe so because I've never seen the wolf one that mr g mentioned. And you're right about which channels you watch, too, because a lot of networks carry commercials directed only at their 'target' audiences. Like all the Viagra and Cialis commercials on the Golf Channel (actually I just made that up because I haven't watched that channel enough to know what commercials are on it).