Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Efficacy, Or Tommy's Been Hoed

Somehow I must have revived some long dormant neurons to have thought of the word "efficacy" after not thinking of it for so many years. Who says certain substances kill brain cells? ;-)

Paramount has given Tommy Cruise the boot. If you'll look at my sidebar at the listing of "Bad Seeds, Noxious Weeds, and Pitch Forks" you'll see that he is number two on the list. (Number one is some sociology professor who called me a bad mother just because I disagreed with him.) Tommy was put on that list because of his bad-mouthing Brooke Shields and psychiatry. (Coincidentally, I had my own psychiatric check-up this morning which went just fine thank you.) I have been boycotting Tom Cruise ever since his stupid outbursts. Apparently, Paramount noticed and acted appropriately. ;-)

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Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

08 23 06

Hey Rae Ann:
I am so happy you wrote this! I think Mr. Cruise has been exhibiting poor judgement as of late. The more he gets involved in his religion, the more unpallatable stuff he seems to say, which is sad. I read your article on post partem depression and am sorry you went through that. But you certainly seemed to turn around and it is great that you have been able to help other mommies who have been similarly affected.

I once had a neighbor who went suicidal after her child was born. It took her a good two years or so to get out of the PPD funk, but she did (thank Goodnes!)

You know, I have serious issues with psych meds too but certainly acknowledge that in the short term, they can be useful; glad they worked for you!!!

Have a great rest of week. BTW I saw the Spice Girl lyrics on your lyrics site. Cool!!!