Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Saw this at Kat's a while back. It's pretty funny. Click post title to go to googlism. I've made parenthetical comments for clarification:

Googlism for: rae ann

rae ann is onsite 100% of the time (pretty much)
rae ann is a free (free what??)
rae ann is clean and sober (at the moment, yes)
rae ann is skilled with languages and accents (not really)
rae ann is still quite active (I want to say something really dirty, lol)
rae ann is a ph (of what? acid or alkaline?)
rae ann is the graduate admissions officer for the college of liberal arts and sciences educational background (not me)
rae ann is the g (not sure what that means but it sounds alright)
rae ann is the assistant to the chair of the department of biological sciences at the university of denver (I had no idea there were so many of Rae Anns)
rae ann is responsible for the daily activity of all company databases (you could say that)
rae ann is on vacation (I wish!)
rae ann is the secretary at our church (not me)
rae ann is a busy mom doing home (absolutely!)
rae ann is a 1999 recipient of service 25 award for it service & support (nope)
rae ann is the sister of mike wingert (I didn't know I had a brother)
rae ann is currently funding her degree in library technology through distance learning from the university of maine by working in a computer bag factory (not me either)
rae ann is currently an occupational therapist with the western health system in cumberland (nope)
rae ann is in her 30s and hopes to enroll in the applied business technology program at ucfv (only particially true)
rae ann is thirty (eight)
rae ann is committed to (the looney bin?)
rae ann is up (to no good)
rae ann is perhaps better (than?)
rae ann is a physical edu (???)
rae ann is a senior majoring in marketing at bethel college (nope, not me)
rae ann is a great tease and models many different pairs of panty hose (only half correct and I don't have any panty hose)
rae ann is in a contest where pies are smashed all over her face leaving her a mess (that sounds kind of dirty, lol)


QUASAR9 said...

Rae and is clean and sober

earlier you wrote - at the moment.
How about now??? lol!

DHammett said...

hammett is the idol of an army of young guitarists
hammett is star
hammett is 45(close)
hammett is credited with having invented the hard (this could be good!)
hammett is more concerned with keeping you in suspense (how true)
hammett is god
hammett is having some fun
hammett is amazing
hammett is really nice...but
hammett is not looking to date strangers

Of course, I only chose the ones I liked but, in all modesty, I think it's a good fit. ;-)

Rae Ann said...

Q, I'm always clean! lol

dh, yes, those are pretty good! I'm especially curious about your 'hard invention'. LOL