Monday, January 21, 2008

I Can Do It, Again!

In trying to keep one of my resolutions to finish projects, etc., around the house I finally decided to repair the broken cabinet drawer in the kitchen. It had been broken for probably almost a year (because one of the kids mistakenly thought it could be used as a step-ladder), and the reason my husband didn't fix it was because he works so much that when he comes home he doesn't want to have to do even more work. ;-) The reason I hadn't fixed it was because I was intimidated by it and also because most of last year, as I realize in hindsight, I was really too ill to do much of anything.

The bottom drawer was the broken one, but actually it was the drawer slide hardware that was broken and not the drawer itself. In this picture I had already removed the white rail that was broken:

Here is my cute little Makita drill and the drawer with one of the new heavier-duty rails installed:

I only made one mistake at first by mis-aligning the slide bracket in the back of the cabinet, but in the end I was able to get it perfectly aligned. Here is the finished drawer:

I keep my frying pans and skillets in the drawer:

Now I don't have to leave them in the floor anymore and it's nice and neat again. The cabinets are made of hickory wood which is popular in this area for more rustic style kitchens.

Well, of course, I was very proud of myself for finally getting it done and getting it done right without too much trouble.

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Guy said...

The babe in that poster is so hot! American women rock, no wonder the muslim world is so jealous.

Good job on the drawer repair. Inspires me to go fix something.